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Why Dogs Are... by Tana Thompson Book Review

Have you ever wondered how dogs came to be on earth? Mariita Gentry's story tells how dogs were originally in heaven and did not even have a name yet. God one day looked down and saw a very special boy who needed someone special to teach him about God's love. He then gives the dog his name and tells him why he is named that and why this mission is so important. The fate of all dogs being allowed to go to earth depends on how well he accomplishes his mission.

This is a wonderful tale of a dogs devotion and love to God, but also to his very own meant to be human. You will love the time you share with your young reader as you read this beautifully told story and the stunning illustrations. Told in an easy to understand manner that will let all who read it know that God gave us a very special gift with mankind when He sent that first dog down from heaven on that mission to test the waters for all the other dogs.

About the Book


“Brian” is a composite of the many children who attended the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind (AIDB) in our hometown of Talladega, Alabama. My husband Ken and I had the privilege to know and work with children who had to learn to live life with one or more disabilities, making us intensely aware of some of the difficulties that accompanied eyes that did not see or ears that did not hear. We also wondered how parents of these children dealt with the challenges that the entire family faced while accommodating necessary differences in daily life for their child with disabilities.

For example, how does a parent teach a child about concepts that are difficult to grasp even without disabilities? How can parents share emotions, morals, beliefs and concepts such as patriotism, charity and forgiveness to a child who cannot hear their explanations? As Helen Keller had to learn, once she made the “connection” between flowing, wet water and the sign for water, her learning increased dramatically. But how do you make a “connection” when the topics are intangible or emotional?

The concept of a loving God is one of those “connections” that must be made for an individual to have a fulfilled soul, regardless of their physical abilities. God uses many means to help people to understand His goodness, creation and grace. Why not a dog? Don’t we all deserve to see, hear, feel and experience God in everything around us?

Why Dogs Are is the 1st in a book series aimed at raising awareness for the roles animals play in our lives to enhance and improve our physical well-being.

My Thoughts:

This hardback book with the eye catching red cover and a face of an adorable dog caught my attention immediately. Not only the cover but, the topic was even more of a draw to me. Having a child with disabilities books that raise awareness always tugs at my heart. Granted my child doesn’t need an animal for her disability but, I know several individuals who have dogs to help them.

This book has colorful illustrations that will be a big hit with any child. The story is short and sweet.

The book comes from a Christian perspective about how God wants to help those in need because of their disability by sending a dog to help them. He centers the dogs attributes to what God gives us unconditionally. First, you are to love without expecting anything in return. Second, you are to forgive those who hurt him-then to forget the hurt and love them even more. The story ends with God telling the dog to go to earth. I won’t spoil the story.

Is this book correct Biblically? No, it does not have any Biblical basis at all concerning God and heaven. On a positive note it does in my opinion show God’s attributes and the big help that dog’s do for those who need help in the way of a four legged friend. On side note my daughter with disablities loved the story. My 8 year old son couldn't understand why it didn't keep closer to the Bible as he thought it would of made more sense and more accurate.

100% of the Net Profits from the sale of this book are given to the charities and organizations that support animals and their interactions with individuals, organizations, and situations. You can visit www.WhyDogsAre.com for a list of the recipients.

This book is the first in the Love Unleashed series.You will have to decide for yourself if this book is for you. Overall I thought this was a sweet story that took a lot of liberties but, at the same time shows God's attributes and his love for those with disabilities.  Will I look at the next book in the series? Most likely yes.

I received this book free from the publisher through the BookCrash.com book review program, which requires an honest, though not necessarily positive, review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.  

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