Saturday, December 13, 2014

Week in Review #18-2014-2015

We had another busy week with appointments and did a lot of school on the road and at appointments. We got quite a bit of schoolwork done despite the running around.
A Child's Book of the Torah . We are also in the book of Matthew and reading about the parables.
We our working on some different prayers. The kids know the Shema but, it's always fun to go over it again and practice Hebrew.
Little Man's daily calendar. He is my doodle kid and it drives me crazy. We have to limit the doodling to his papers.

This has been an exciting book and it's both exciting and heartbreaking. I don't think my kids will ever forget the events that happened at Masada.
 Little Man working hard on "Fix iT! Grammar" He's finishing up vocabulary and adding it to his notebook. He is getting pretty good at finding words in the dictionary.

Little Man is not fond of cursive but, it has improved a lot. I am so proud of him.
Bug is working on her language arts. Right now she is doing compound words and the next lesson is a test.

Our Israel Passport. We finished up in the Galilee region. Next stop is Jerusalem. This is Bug's cover of her passport book.
 Bug's math workbook. She likes math a lot. She kids frustrated when she has to carry numbers over and borrow.
Stamping the passport for the cities we visited and found them on the map.We didn't do anything in our notebook.
 The kids get a real kick out of Veritas Press and our learning so much with this program.
 Little Man took this picture of the Teaching Textbook screen.
I love all the mosiac floors in Israel. We seen a lot up in the Galilee region when we were in Israel. I showed the kids the pictures. I had a craft planned for making a mosiac. It didn't happen!
As you can see we got all the basics done. We didn't get any science done this week. 

If your wondering why I have the planner highlighted it's because I color code the kids. It works for me.

 Another great week. Next week we have a field trip and a few play dates. Mom has some paper work I need to get done. So we will see what the following week looks like. I think I will let the kids do some school on the computer.

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