Saturday, January 31, 2015

Week in Review #25-2014-2015

I think Little Man was the only one who did any school work this week. Bug came down with the flu and we had a mini vacation back to Colorado at the end of last week and came back on Monday. It was nice seeing old friends and going back to our old congregation. 
It always amazes me how much the wind farms have taken over on the I-70 corridor.

We went to the Butterfly Pavilion in Broomfield. Little Man wasn't very excited when we announce where we were going. After we got their he changed his mind and had fun. Of course Bug was extremely excited about it. Then we made him even happier and found the Lego store!
 God makes some pretty interesting insects!
 Little Man likes the Scorpion's.
I would of never thought of this as a Scorpion. Bug was intrigued with this one.
 Why does she always want to hold and touch insects. I'm not that brave when it comes to spiders.
Little Man wanted nothing to do with holding the tarantula either-smart kid!
 I told you that he had a lot of fun.
 Bug was in insect heaven, literally.
 My fearless little girl.
Then we come to the butterflies!
 Little Man went to the state capital in Topeka, Kansas. He entered a photo contest for the state and won 2nd place in his grade. We couldn't go as Bug had the flu. Grandpa took him up to the event. I'll show more on another post.
 All the winners will be shown in the capital for the next week.
 The dome in the capital.
 Looking down on the events.
 Little Man outside of the capital.

I pray that the flu doesn't spread in our house and that we can get back into a normal schedule this coming week.

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