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Classroom Friendly Supplies Pencil Sharpener Review

 Classroom Friendly Supplies
Who would have known that a pencil sharpener would be so important in my home? I know it sounds silly and even a bit crazy. The reality is that I need a reliable pencil sharpener.
When I ran across a blog post on Classroom Friendly Supplies about a quite manual pencil sharpener I got pretty excited! Yea, I know I’m a bit strange.
I don’t usually contact a company asking for a review but, I was too excited not to ask!
I received one pencil sharpener in Groovy Green ($24.99) for the purpose of this review.
Classroom Friendly Supplies is a company created by an elementary teacher, Troy who was fed up with pencil sharpeners. I am so glad to hear that I am not the only person who takes their pencil sharpeners seriously! 
Classroom Friendly Supplies Pencil Sharpener Review
About the Sharpener:
*It’s a quite sharpener.
*It has a build in automatic stop to prevent over sharpening.
*Works on standard size pencils and colored pencils.
*It can be mounted(clamp included) or portable for ease of use.
*It’s extremely easy to use.
*5 Colors to choose from.
*Easy to remove plastic tray for cleaning.
*Extremely cost efficient.
They also have blade replacements in the future if you need to replace the blade. If you need a large hole sharpener for pencils they have a sharpener for that also. You can also purchase a permanent mount for you pencil sharpener.
I admit that I hate a dull point on a pencil. It’s one of my pet peeves.
Classroom Friendly Supplies Pencil Sharpener ReviewSadly, I have spent quite a few bucks on pencil sharpeners. I have also thrown many away while homeschooling my kids. I can honestly say that my first few years of homeschooling I bought a new one every year as they died on me or just didn’t sharpen a pencil the way it is suppose to be sharpened.
I even bought one that is currently more of a piece of art as it’s no longer used. If I take it down then I will have to fix the holes in the wall? So it just sits there collecting dust.
My other one is the one that I spent a lot of money on for a pencil sharper. It took me a few years to break down and actually purchase it. Overall, it’s not a bad pencil sharpener. It’s electric and extremely loud. It is also extremely easy to over sharpen pencils and the point breaks and you have to go back and sharpen the pencil yet again! Then when you empty the shaving it’s a mess as the shaving is so fine that no matter how careful I am it gets everywhere.
Classroom Friendly Supplies Pencil Sharpener Review

Why was I wanting a New Pencil Sharpener?
You see I have a daughter with Autism and she has a lot of sensory issues then you combine that with a nine year old boy who loves having a nice tip on his pencil. He also likes to annoy his sister some days just because he can.  An electric pencil sharpener is not so friendly for a child who is sensitive to noise. Then to make matters worst the tips of the pencils are always breaking over and over. It makes a sharp point it just over sharpens the pencil. A long story short my son is always sharpening his pencils. Next, comes the melt down from my daughter and she loses her concentration and gets frustrated-thanks to the loud sharpener. I spent a few minutes every few days resharpening pencils as it got to the point I had to ban my son from the pencil sharpener. The reality is that I some times forget to slow down and sharpen pencils!
How does it Work?
You start of by squeezing the black levers on top of the sharpener. When squeezing you pull out the silver front of the sharpener. It’s not complicated at all I promise you!
Classroom Friendly Supplies Pencil Sharpener Review
Once you pull out the front you squeeze the black levers again to insert your pencil in the hole. Let go of the levers. Your pencil will be help in place tightly. You do not need to hold your pencil when operating the sharpener.
Classroom Friendly Supplies Pencil Sharpener Review
Start turning the sharpener lever while holding your hand on top for support if it’s not mounted on a surface. You will actually fill the difference while turning the lever once the pencil is sharpened with the automatic stop.
Classroom Friendly Supplies Pencil Sharpener Review
Squeeze the black levers on top of the sharpener again to remove the pencil.
Classroom Friendly Supplies Pencil Sharpener Review
Drum roll!!!!!!!! You have a perfectly sharpened pencil with the lead intact and not looking like it’s going to fall out once you start writing!

The beautiful thing is that both of my kids are happy. My son has a perfect tip on all of his pencils. My daughter is a happy girl and not being distracted by her brothers unending quest of sharpening pencils with a loud sharpener. He even keeps it close to him on the table. Mom is happy.
Classroom Friendly Supplies Pencil Sharpener Review
I am really pleased with the quality of this pencil sharpener. I love having perfectly sharpened pencils and my son is no longer banned from the pencil sharpener.

Don’t forget to head over to Classroom Friendly Supplies and check out their pencil sharpeners. You won’t be disappointed. I am one happy mommy! Thank you for an amazing pencil sharpener.

This product has been provided to me free of charge and in no way was I asked to give a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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