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TOS Crew Review of CTC Math

I was very excited to have the opportunity to review CTC Math again. My family received a 12 Month Family Plan. After already using CTC Math for a year last year I was feeling very blessed to have the opportunity to continue this amazing math curriculum with both of my children! You can read my earlier review here.

CTC Math 12 Month Family Plan can be used with up to ten children. This is intended from grades Kindergarten to 12 and math tutoring in calculus to trigonometry with your membership.

I am also extremely delighted that CTC Math does not follow the Common Core curriculum. 

This is a full curriculum for grades 1-6 and after that CTC Math recommends it as a supplement. CTC Math is based in Australia but, they have a US version. Pat Murray is the creator and he also teaches the lessons by streaming video.

The best part is that you have You have the ability to go back and forth at different grade levels. For my family this is extremely important to me. I have a child with special needs and she is all over the board with her abilities mathematically and sometimes she really needs a refresher in certain areas.

CTC Math is an online math program. You will need high speed internet with Adobe Flash for CTC Math. I used this with different internet browsers without any difficulty. Not only can you access CTC Math from your computer but, also from an iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

Even if you’re not quite sure where to begin with your student? CTC Math has a diagnostic test available at every level. In the upper math there is printable worksheets available which my kids aren’t at the point yet.

How does it work?

First, I have to point out this is extremely user friendly tutorial program.

TOS Crew Review of CTC Math

Once you sign into CTC Math the first thing you see is the main menu.

As you can see all the grade level are off to the left side of the screen.
TOS Crew Review of CTC Math
Once you click on a grade level it opens up other options of topics to choose from. You can go in order or skip around.

You have a streaming video which will give instructions on the topic. I would say most lessons are less than 5 minutes long. If you need to clarify something you can redo the video tutorial easily. You can also pause the video if needed and go back and listen to certain sections if needed.
TOS Crew Review of CTC Math

After you listen to the tutorial you are directed to the question which all the ones we have done there has been only 10 questions.

If you answer a question wrong you get instant feedback with a short segment of the problem.

TOS Crew Review of CTC Math

You also get awards after every area that is completed in medals in bronze, silver, gold, and platinum which you can print out a certificate for that topic.
TOS Crew Review of CTC Math

Another area that we have been using more this time around is the Speed Drills which are working on those math facts. You can choose which level to begin in.

Parents also receive an email after every lesson completed. You can also print out a report card that shows all the grades and topics with their percentage score.

How did I use CTC Math in my homeschool?

I used this with both of my children. My son is in 3 rd grade and he worked at grade level. During our last review my son was doing this at 2 nd grade. He also discovered that he enjoyed the Speed Drills this time around compared to the first time. My son has enjoyed CTC Math and was excited being able to do this for another year. I have found that both of my kids prefer to go in order of a program and don’t skip around for the most part.

My daughter is 12 years old and has some pretty severe learning disabilities. She worked on a few different levels depending on the topic. For the most part she stayed in the 3 rd and 4 th grade levels.

This is truly one thing that I love about CTC Math is that you can work at any level without having to go in as a parent and change the level all the time. 

After using CTC Math for a full year and cycling through a grade level I am really pleased with CTC Math. I love that it isn’t full of games and the videos are short and very informative.

The best part is that my kids enjoy CTC Math and the kids like the independence using CTC Math. I have seen my kid’s confidence carry over into our other math curriculum. I really like using this as a supplement to our current math program.

I love the fact that Bug can easily navigate around CTC Math. For me that is big and she doesn’t get frustrated while doing math online.

CTC Math was also given a Blue Ribbon Award last year as being a favorite among the TOS Crew for 2014.
Stop by others from the TOS Crew and see what they think of CTC Math.

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