Monday, July 13, 2015

Bucket List ~ July Blogging Challenge Day 13

Day 13 of the July Blogging Challenge is Bucket List. I have to admit that I have never put much thought into a bucket list. I have friends who have them for all sorts of things from what they want to do before they die or even just for places to travel. I like list and live by them. I just have never made a bucket list.

I am going to think of 10 short term items I would like to accomplish in the immediate future. I think it might be more of a to do list.

1. Paint a much needed bathroom
2. Touch up paint throughout the house
3. Caulk the bathtub
4. Fix the kitchen sink
5. Take a class to learn more about my camera and photography.
6. Get rid of a lot stuff in the house and have a garage sale.
7. Defrost my freezer.
8. Go to Botanical Gardens and just enjoy.
9. Clean up the classroom and get it ready for school next year.
10. Call some family and friends I haven't spoken to in awhile.

What's on your bucket list? It's got to be more exciting then mine! 
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  1. Things we need to do around the house could fill up a list, too. I'm working on decluttering.

  2. LOL I could fill an entire composition notebook with all the things I want to do around the house.. seems like your list is pretty do-able though :)


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