Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Family Fun Time ~ July Blogging Challenge Day 21

Family Fun Time (water play, day trips, around town, on the farm)  What makes you giggle?
 Our newest family member Mercy thinks our counter top high chairs are the greatest thing in the house. We get lots of laughs watching her go crazy.
 The kids tied a string to the chair and it's even more funnier for the kitty.

Then she likes to shake things up in the house to show who's in charge. Now the dogs and kitty like to play together.
 Seeing how Little Man gets a bit shaken up when we are in the beehives. It's even better when the proof is on the camera and he's making a wild dash inside and not knowing he took some pictures.
 A nice cool day at the park playing on the playground.
 A day at the fair and playing with the baby animals.
 Watching daddy and son walk around the fair and carrying Bug's pink bag which goes every where she goes.
 Seeing my Bug smile with a job well done.  I can laugh at the insanity of getting it all done.
 Little Man always makes me smile and laugh as he just has that type of a personality.
I can giggle when life has been so busy and my dishes are overflowing. The house is a mess but, I am blessed because I know that the time that wasn't spent cleaning the dishes was time spent having fun with my family.
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  1. Looks like a fun summer!! I remember when we lived close to the fairgrounds and my kids would always find ways to enter things in! We miss those days now. Great job on the ribbon! And my sink seems to stay full in the summer, which is weird because I actually seem to cook less in when it's hot.


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