Thursday, July 23, 2015

In The Garden ~ July Blogging Challenge Day 22

I love working in the garden. This year I was really excited as we made raised garden beds out of cinder blocks last year. A lot less weeding overall. I just have to deal with all the maple and birch seedlings from a neighbors trees.

We had an extremely rainy spring and everything was looking water logged. I didn't think much would make it. Now its extremely hot.

We managed to get some spinach and lettuce. The tomato's are slowly coming along. It looks like I will have an over abundance of squash, zucchini, and hopefully cucumbers. My peppers I am still holding out hope that I may get something from them.

Even the honey harvest is looking a bit sad as I was expecting to harvest once already this year. I guess it will be a fall harvest of honey instead. 

Our beehives are in the garden. At this time we have three beehives in the garden.
 We have lots of wild flowers and sunflowers growing.

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How's your garden looking this year?

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