Friday, September 11, 2015

Getting Settled In

We closed on our home yesterday and now trying to get settled into the my husbands parents house for a few weeks until we close on our new home.

It's a big adjustment and a lot of people and animals under one roof. With my in-laws, my brother in law, his kids every other weekend, and their two cats. Then we added our kitten, fish, two dogs, and the four of use! Yikes!
 The bees are doing good out in the middle of nowhere. They have a couple of acres of land. It's quite a chore checking and making sure they have water now. We have to wheelbarrow a five gallon bucket out to the back of their property.
 The first one on your left is Diamond, the middle one is Echo, and the one on your right is Chai.
 Bug loves all the insects out on their property. I am  not sure how comfortable I am being surrounded  by farm land and the farmers possibility spraying pesticides. This weekend I am hoping to harvest the honey and prepare them for winter.
 This is our space for the next five weeks. Jeff and I along with Little Man are sleeping in this room. I hope to get school started somewhat full swing sometime next weekend. Pretty much now we are just doing review items.
 I pulled out only the things I will need for the next few weeks for school to get going.
 It's a pretty tight space all around. I will be that much more grateful for our new home when we move. Luckily we have a good relationship with my husbands family.
 Little Man has his mattress on the floor. Our littlest dog things its great having a bed available to him all the time.
 We set up a table for our office area. Except when someone is on the computer you have to climb over the bed to get to the other side.
 Our fish is adapting well and out of sight of the other cats throughout the day.
 We set Bug up in grandpas office. She doesn't cope well with others around while she is sleeping. All this change is extremely hard for her.
 Her toys and insect books are with her to help her with all the change.
 Mercy took over the cat condo and the other cats aren't liking this new cat in their space.
As you can see Mercy isn't to concerned about the other cats. I think we need to add a new piece of furniture to our new home.

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