Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Heroes of History~Davy Crockett TOS Crew Review

My kids and I love YWAM Publishing. When the opportunity came up for a review it caused a lot of excitement in my house. The hard part was choosing which one. The family finally settled on Heroes of History David Crockett: Ever Westward.


We received a physical book and a physical Unit StudyCurriculum Guide for reviewing. The biographies are intended for 10+. I have been reading these books with my children since first grade. The Unit Study Curriculum is for 10 and up. It could possibly be adapted for younger kids.

YWAM is Youth with a Mission and has created a large array of books from famous men and woman throughout history. All the books are an autobiography of men and women with strong moral and even Christian values that had an impact on individuals and history.

Davy Crockett is a paperback book with 190 pages and 17 chapters with one page devoted to Davy Crockett’s Bibliography with reference to support the findings in the book and references.
Davy Crockett is a man with integrity, hard worker, and a man not afraid to take on a challenge. He loves a good adventure and exploring new territory westward whether it be the wilderness or the world of politics. You will just have to read the book for yourself to find out about his grand adventure.

The Heroes of History focuses on American History and several fascinating individuals.

The Unit Study Curriculum Guide is a physical copy CD that basically is an in-depth study guide to enhance the book. With the Unit Study Curriculum Guide this is a complete curriculum that covers several areas. They are phasing out the physical CDs and are going to a digital download so not all the titles have a physical copy.

Student Explorations- has essay and creative writings. Hands-on projects and both audio and visual projects.

Social Studies- Lots of activity sheets to print out. Geography, history, vocabulary, and critical thinking activities.

Community Links- a resource for field-trips and service projects.
Related Themes to Explore- covers politics and law, current events, several magazine articles, and websites.

Biography of Related Resources- This has resources for movies, books, documentaries, websites, and magazine articles.

Culminating Events- resources for project displays, era music, food, and activities. And an oral presentation.

As you can tell the Unit Study Curriculum Guide is very in dept. There is something for every learning style to build on.

How Did I use Heroes of History Davy Crockett: Ever Westward in our homeschool?

This was a good timing for my family as we needed an exciting read-out loud as we are in the midst of moving. Everyone is tired and feeling a bit dysfunctional with our school room in boxes and while we are with the grandparents.

I used this with Bug who is 12 and has several learning disabilities and Little Man who is 9. We read 3 to 4 chapters a week.

We did this as a read-out loud and after every chapter we would go over the comprehensive questions and vocabulary afterwards. For the most part I did the reading and Little Man also helped reading the story to Bug and I.

I didn’t do much else with all the moving going on. We did explore the maps and more detailed facts about Davy Crockett. 

Considering how many books we have read through YWAM Publishing I have never done the Unit Study Curriculum Guide. Mostly, because of Bugs learning disabilities I was hesitant to add it to the book. Wow, I was wrong to hold back as I could easily adapt this for her learning level. Now, that Little Man is older I am really excited to add more depth to our reading. I can assign different activities to each kid.  
This is an amazing comprehensive curriculum. 

I would 100% recommend any of the YWAM Publishing books. 

Stop by and see what other books have been reviewed as the Crew has reviewed an assortment of different titles.

Blessing to you,

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