Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Changes in Our Life

I have been reflecting back on the last year. It has been an extremely hard year in many ways for my family.  It has affected every part of our lives. I have shed many tears and been on my knees a lot this last year. Trying to understand why at first and then just searching for direction, healing, and His comfort for others.

I would of never guess that we would be where we are at this time last year. So much has happened. I find it odd that we are getting ready to move around the same time a storm was about to hit in our lives.
We never expected to sell our house and to move to another city some 30 minutes away, to be in a different congregation, to have went through so many heart aches and tears.

You see we thought that we would of been in the same house, the same congregation. My husband leading a congregation that we so loved and put a lot of time and love into. God had other plans for our future. For we know that mans ways are not God's ways.

A lot of good and blessings have came out of all the hurt. We have met people that we have only heard of by name, we have met complete strangers who had a story to share and to see them heal because of what happened to us. I find that strange but, I praise God that our heart aches and pain has caused healing among others. We didn't even know these individuals existed back then. They had similar stories from the same people who caused them a lot of pain. They knew of us and we now have new amazing friends in our lives. HE sent people our way when we needed it the most.

People which whom we never knew cared so much came along our side to support our family. We have seen the good and the worst in people. Those which said, "they had our backs" when the storm hit. Those who we thought would be around are not there. They thought if we just keep silent it will pass because, these people are  leaving soon and it's best to not rock the boat. We couldn't do that.

Why do I mention this? I don't know, I guess I am just amazed at how things have transpired over the year and all the changes.

Standing up to someone and a situation when things are not right is hard. We have found out the hard way. It has had a dramatic change in our lives. 

In many ways I am still sad because, we cared deeply for these  people. We looked up to them and trusted them in so many ways. We still pray often for them and care for them. We have forgiven them. It hurts that they have denied and lied about why things are the way they are. It hurts my heart more knowing that they have hurt so many people over the years and still are in denial. They don't admit that they have done any wrong to so many people. We wouldn't of believed it if it didn't happen to us.

We still don't know why we are moving and what plans God has for us. 

The tears aren't as often. We are slowly healing and are getting involved in our new congregation. The leaders and people in this congregation have embraced us and know what we have been through because, the same people did to them what they did to us also. They stood up also for what is right in God's eyes.

I pray this move will be a new beginning in our lives. A new chapter in our walk with Him. We have grown and came out stronger because of this storm. I praise God for His everlasting love.
 Two weeks ago we were at the lake exploring. It's just a few minutes drive by the place we are moving to. It's a very large lake. 

As I was watching this sail boat and seeing the harbor it was protected by- it reminded me that God has had us this whole time. When this sail boat hits the main part of the lake the waters are much rougher. You could see the Kansas wind whipping the water around. The waters are pretty rough in this lake I am told.

He had a safe harbor for us through this storm to come to. Just like this sail boat has a harbor to come into when the waters are getting to rough.
 My daughter saved this dragonfly from drowning in the lake the same day. Just like He saved us from bitterness and being overtaken by the deep waters. He is an amazing God.
One of my kids must of taken this picture of looking up into the sky. I just thought of what an amazing and loving Father we have when I was looking at the pictures on the camera. It reminded me of looking up into the heavens and praising Him.Thank you God for the storms in our lives. You are great and greatly to be praised in all situations.

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  1. "It hurts that they have denied and lied about why things are the way they are. It hurts my heart more knowing that they have hurt so many people over the years and still are in denial. They don't admit that they have done any wrong to so many people."

    You will know them by their fruits. When the same things happen over and over done by the same people, that is proof that Yeshua is not there. The fruits continue to be rotten and there is no repentance.

    Come see this post:



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