Monday, February 8, 2016

Legos and Kitty's

 We all know that kitty's and Lego's are a really bad mix. The crashing of them falling off the table in the middle of the night is terrifying to my son. It's usually the biggest Lego set that took 2 Lego books to build. 

I hear him in tears in the middle of the night. The cat dashing for a hide out knowing that she is in trouble.

For some crazy reason Mercy knows when a new Lego set has been added to his Lego table. She always has to investigate the newest set in the wee hours of the night. Maybe she wants to see what has keep his attention for a few hours the previous day.
 Little Man found a better distraction for Mercy when he gets a new set. He gives Mercy the box to attack. Then it wears her out and she takes a nice long snooze in the wee hours of the night and in the day time in the Lego box. Of course it helps putting a toy in the box for her.
 Then the crazy mom with a camera has to wake her from her deep sleep with a flashing of the camera. It was just too cute to resist snapping a few pictures of the little Lego terror.
Now she is ready to play again.

The nights she stalks Little Man's Lego's as she sleeps with him for several hours in the night. Bug's door is closed at night. In the day Bug's Lego's are the target of her attack. She ruined Bug's Elf Lego set-again. I repaired it before she knew that Mercy opened her door and knocked it off her table. Shh don't tell her! It really upsets her when the cat attacks her sets as its hard for Bug to put them back together. Sometimes I am tempted to try super glue!

I saved her Elf set without her knowing it. I tried to take a camera in her room but, it had her asking too many questions. I gave up with the pictures and fixed her set while she watched a movie. Little Man helped me also keep Bug distracted.

Mercy got off the hook this time.

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