Friday, February 19, 2016

Our Week in Review

We moved our three beehives this last week back to my in-laws. I am still planning on approaching the city council about allowing beehives. I am going to put some information together in the near future. Right now we have some major remodeling going on that I haven't had time to get it done.

My beloved had one of the ramps slip on him and the beehive came crashing into his rib cage. Not sure if it is bruised or broke. It sure has been painful. Luckily the beehive was in the truck bed. He wasn't all the way in the truck. That would of been a major disaster. 
This last week we have  been demolishing our main bathroom. It was extremely outdated and disgusting. We knew before we bought the house that the whole bathroom was going to be a major remodeling project.
The walls were covered in the gold speckled ceramic tile. Yuk! We haven't decided yet if we are going to cut out the drywall and replace it or put up white wainscoting up.
The kids helped removing the ceramic tile. Little Man thought the tiles around the toilet are pretty disgusting.
The bath tub sits really low compared to any tub I have seen. We thought it was sitting under ground some. The tub is constantly leaking. It's hard to adjust the temperature of the water even with a new water heater.
Pretty wallpaper! The wood is rotted out around the tub due to the tub and shower leaking. No leaking in the pipes so that is a plus.
At first we where going to pay the plumber to take out the cast iron tub. With the help of a good friend we decided to remove it ourselves.Thankfully as my beloved is extremely sore from the beehive mishap over the weekend.
We ended up buying a larger sledge hammer after a few smacks and it sure did make a big difference. It took around 20 minutes to bang the cast iron tub to pieces.
It was extremely loud and your ears would ring with each hit.
The sub floor had several layers and was rotted out. Underneath the box a knee went straight through the wood. We replace several pieces of the main flooring.
The dog ran out of dog food. So we gave him kitty food. Except Mercy had something to say about it and decided to eat it all up before he did.
I think she over ate.
She jumped up on a shelf and put her head in a floating shelve that I haven't figured out where to hang yet.
Mercy and Rascal spending some time gazing at the birds and squirrels.

Yet, with all the remodeling we managed to get school done every day except for one day this week. Little Man had a play date.

Next week or two we will finish up the bathroom. We are letting a plumber put in the tub kit.

I'll be glad when its all done.

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  1. Good luck on the bathroom remodel. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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