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The Homeschool Review Crew is taking applications for the 2017


The Homeschool Review Crew is accepting application for the 2017 review year. It’s hard to believe that another wonderful year has flown by with the Homeschool Review Crew.  

When I first joined the Homeschool Review Crew in 2013 I thought it would be all about the curriculum and trying out new curriculum. Not that we don’t get some amazing curriculum from some well known names in the homeschool world but, some vendors that I didn’t know existed. Some times we get to explore games, beauty products, and even some unique products to help with special needs learning like Forbrain.

We have a voice in the homeschool community to let vendors know what we think about their curriculum. We get to share what we like and even dislike about their product. They listen and sometimes make changes to make a product better.
Yes, I confess that I am a curriculum junkie. Out of 74 reviews this last year I have done 51 reviews. I have found curriculum that I would have never known existed prior to the Homeschool Review Crew. They have made me step out of my comfort zone with curriculum. I have a few vendors that have been added in my homeschool budget like Veritas Press that I have bought from because of the reviews. They have been a good fit for my homeschool.

It’s been a blessing to my homeschool budget. I have been able to teach subjects that I couldn’t afford to add to my homeschool budget. My son is learning Chinese with Middlebury Interactive Languages and Zeezok Publishing thanks to the reviews. We have had an amazing art curriculum with ArtAchieve and thats just a few vendors that have helped me to give my kids a well rounded education.

I found out quickly that it is more than receiving products for free. It’s about a community. We have a closed forum that we can pray with one another. Some amazing women and 1 man! We can chat about homeschooling, recipes, and just have fun. It’s very encouraging to be around bloggers that are passionate about homeschooling.

Having a child with special needs is tough. Many of the Homeschool Review Crew have child/ren with special needs and its encouraging being able to ask questions/advice in a safe place. Being able to encourage one another when we are facing medical issues and learning issues. Who would have known that this community has been an unexpected blessing in my everyday life.

Who are we looking for
  • You need to have a blog.
  • Currently home educating at least one child. Your child/ren can be anywhere from Pre-K to 12th Grade.
  • You need to be active on social media of your own choosing (Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Love curriculum, homeschool products and books.
As a member you will need to
  • Maintain an active blog by posting a minimum of ONE non sponsored post a week on any family friendly topic of your own choosing.
  • You need to be committed to sharing each of your reviews on your social media platforms a minimum of twice. This can be twice on one platform or on any two platforms of your choosing in one week.
  • Use the review product you receive for a minimum of six weeks and write a review. We do not require you write a positive review and we do not tell you what to write. We do, however, have a few minimum requirements including a minimum word count.
  • Post your reviews to your blog and  link them up here on our blog during our due date window.
  • On a regular basis visit our private Review Management forum where we provide support, encouragement, and information necessary to complete each review.
Why should you want to be a part of our TEAM?
  • The benefit of getting to try so many awesome products with your children and some for yourself. We had the opportunity of 74 reviews during our 2016 year.
  • Our Crew of over 200 review bloggers has been serving the homeschool community for more than eight years.
  • As a respected review team, we take this job very seriously and will insist you do as well. The leadership provides an incredible amount of assistance to help you be the best blogger, homeschool mom or dad, and of course, reviewer you can be.
  • We provide a mentoring program for new members
  • A social media networking group, many blog and social media tutorials.
  • Plenty of incredible opportunities for our team, including blog carnivals, the opportunity to guest post on our blog.
  • The blessing of incredible friendships and homeschool support.
If you’re interested in joining the Homeschool Review Crew they are taking applications now for the 2017 year. 

Don’t worry if you’re just beginning your homeschool journey or a veteran homeschooler as all are welcomed if you can meet the requirements.

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  1. Thank you for being a part of our team πŸ™‚ and for sharing our application on your blog. We love being able to be a blessing to your homeschool


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