Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Blogging Through the Alphabet-Letter G

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Letter G is for- Gadol גָּדוֹל

Gadol in Hebrew means great. 

This week seems to be an unexpected extra crazy busy week and it’s only Wednesday. We have had to drive into town more times than usual and everyone is feeling it. The kids are restless and cranky. School is getting done with the essentials only and that makes me feel like I’m getting behind. In reality I’m not behind in school as all I really need to do is to double up up on a lesson or two or a few days extra of school will take care of it. It’s just been busy so I’m being my worst enemy now! The reality is that the next two weeks look like they are going to be busy. Granted it will be less than this week but, still enough to feel it. 

While driving yesterday I was listening to this beautiful song Gadol Elohai by Joshua Aaron and it spoke volumes to me. Gadol Elohai basically means How Great is our God. It was a reminder to me to worship God and not to worry about the little things that this life throws at you. Sometimes we just need to be reminded that God is a great God and he knows every little thing and that it will be okay. Even while the kids are fighting and arguing with one another in the car and making your head spin. 

Do you every just feel like this and wish that life wouldn't be so busy.

He is indeed a great God. Here is the song that spoke to me yesterday.

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  1. Renee... your honesty....sometimes we just need to step back. and trust God. :)

  2. I had never heard this song in Hebrew before. It is beautiful, thank you for sharing!


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