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Carole P. Roman a Homeschool Crew Review 

Do your kids have a favorite author that they like to read? One of the authors we discovered last year was Carole P. Roman. She has been a favorite in our home since then. I’m excited to share my review with you. I received a physical copy of the following books:

Carole P. Roman’s Culture Series are intended for ages 3-9. I think older kids will be interested in the books also. The books are told from a child perspective which will draw them in even more to these creative books

All Culture Series books all have the same format. You are going to learn: 
What is the Capital City of that county?
What would your name be if you lived in Australia or Scotland?
What you would call your father or mother.
What type of money would you use in one of the countries?
What kinds of foods would you likely eat?
What about sports that is popular in that country?
What is a favorite place to visit in the country?
What about a Holiday or Festival that is done in your country.
What kind of school would you attend?

These books are an excellent tool to use with your students for geography and cultures in a country. The book could easily be used for a school research paper for kids just learning how to do a research paper. It would make a wonderful edition to a unit study, lapbook, or be used with notebook pages. The books could easily be added to other curriculums as a way to enhance their learning of a country and culture.

This book was my 11 year old son’s favorite. For some reason he has been enamored with all things Australia here lately. He dreams of a grand adventure to Australia someday. I’m not sure if he would be fond of eating Vegemite sandwiches. I think he would enjoy playing cricket and exploring the Great Barrier Reef.

I asked my son what his opinion was about the book. He said, “It’s very colorful and I like the illustrations and thought they were fun to look at”. He said, “I already knew most of the information except I didn’t know what the capital city was in Australia nor did I know anything about the schools”. “I would have liked the book to go in the about the history of Australia”. He has been reading about the history of Australia prior to this book. 

The last page of the book also has a Pronunciation Guide. The book has 24 pages.

The next series is the Bedtime Stories

Can a Princess Be a Firefighter? And Rocket-Bye is illustrated by Mateya Arkova who lives in Bulgaria. The illustrations are depicted in a cartoonish and whimsical manner. The pictures are watercolors. They paint a wonderful picture of the story for kids. The illustrations captured the intent of the text beautifully.

I handed these stories over to my 14 year daughter with some severe learning disabilities and other disabilities. She struggles with reading and I handed over these stories for some light reading for her.

This is a 34 page book. The story is written in a sing song rhyme style. Each page has a few sentences on it. This is meant for younger kids. The illustrations are colorful and creative like the princess is daydreaming. The book starts out with a quote from Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, you can do it". 

The story is intended for little girls who love being a princess but, also who have dreams of being other things in life. You can still be a princess while you are a firefighter, artist, and many other occupations. I took away from the story to follow your dreams and dream big.

Here is my daughter’s opinion, “Mom it’s a neat story and I liked the book. I know I want to be an entomologist or own a big apiary one day”. “I found the pictures hard as they are too blurry for me and you know I’m not a small child anymore”. My daughter recognized that this book was for much younger kids and she has some severe vision issues so I can see how the background affected her.

This story will guide you through the stars, moon, and the planets. This story is a night time story that will take your kids through the solar system in a rhyming bedtime story.  This book has 31 pages and each page has a short sentence on it.  This book is perfect for young readers its simple book that will capture their imagination.

First off I had to tell my daughter that these books were mystery books as I didn’t know which books we would get. I think she felt like I was insulting her for the age range. After I explained that to her she cheered up and said, “Okay now that I know you need an opinion and don’t think I’m a small child”.

 My daughter’s said, “I like the pictures and the book reminds me of a poem”. She also informed me that she didn’t like the curvy words. Which again I know this is my daughter’s vision issue and nothing else. She had hard time following the words as she uses her fingers to guide her.

Both of these books are absolutely adorable. I recommend these books for young readers and little ones who like to have a bedtime story read to them.

I love the vast choices that Carole P. Roman offers in her books. There is something for all ages.

Other members of the Homeschool Review Crew are reading other books by  
Carole P. Roman so hop over to their blogs to see what they are reading.

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