10 September 2011

Week in Review-Week #4

We have had another busy week filled with Dr. appointments. It has been one of those weeks that I wasn't very motivated and lacking sleep. I had to force myself to get done what we did get done.

We our on Sonlight Core C week #4

Our scripture memory this week is John 3:16. We also went over a previous learned scripture from last year. Psalms 23 and Psalms 1.

Monday we had no therapy and we finished a full day of school. Little Man is starting to read sentences now. He is pretty psyched about being able to read a whole sentence rather than single words.

This week we are starting our history and geography studies of the Vikings. We found Iceland, Greenland, and Norway on the map and stamped our passports.

Bug has been learning about lobsters and the fishing community on Deer Isle, Maine in her Life Pac History and Geography 3. She was the one who picked out this curriculum. Which it surprised me. I wasn't so sure how she was going to like it. There is a lot of writing and questions in each pac.  Much to my surprise she likes it a lot. I am doing the majority of the writing and she is remembering the information better than I can!

Tuesday was an interesting day. We did this mini craft with the Vikings and made up our own Viking Sagas.

The kids played flag football at PE. Before PE started was when the excitement began and yet another mini lesson off the planned weekly schedule. We seen a squirrel touch the electrical wires above and come flopping down on the ground. Poor thing died instantly. The squirrel's hair was all burnt off and he was rather black.

Much to my despair the kids wanted to see the squirrel. That's when the questions came flooding in. Why did he die, what caused his death, why is the electricity in the wires, what happened to the squirrels fur, why is he black, and why are the squirrels eyes opened if he is dead! The questions just got more and more. My favorite one that I had to laugh at from Little Man. Drum rolllllll- IS THE SQUIRREL BIBLICALY CLEAN AND CAN WE EAT SQUIRRELS! Is that just so much like a boy to come up with a question like that. After we got home I answered the question the best I could.
I was saved by Bug's doctor appointment. Little Man wanted me to take a picture of the dead squirrell to post on the blog. As you can see I told him Absolutely NOT! Boys!

We are study the human body and the heart this week in science so the squirrel was mentioned a lot.

Wendnesday we did the basics and a friend took me to health food store that is a little out of town. I have been wanting to go their for awhile.

That night the kids had a live lesson in circumcision. We attended our first Brit Milah-which is basically a circumcision ceremony. I was not sure how the kids would react to this. They did good even with all the blood. I had went over the circumcision prior to the event to prepare them with some of the things they would see and also we went over several scriptures on circumcisions.

Thrusday Bug had another Dr. appointment that took longer than expected. By the time we got home and got lunch ready it was so late in the afternoon. Everyone was dragging and tired. We just took the day off of school.

Friday was the highlight of the week. We made Viking Longhouse craft! It was a very messy craft. It was worth all the mess. The kids had a lot of fun.
Viking Longhouse. 
The Viking adventures have begun in our home.


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