18 January 2019

Week in Review

This year we have had some great books and curriculum's the kids have really enjoyed. 

We just finished up reading, "The Great Turkey Walk" by Kathleen Karr. We read it as a read-aloud and it was a huge hit with the kids. I read it when I was younger and was hoping the kids would like it as much as I did.
Our next read-aloud is Old Yeller by  Fred Gipson. I read it to the kids when there were much younger but, they don't remember it. The kids wanted me to read it again and then watch one of the movies afterwards.
365 Fascinating Facts About Israel by Clarence Wagner is a huge hit and we have been reading it for almost 3 years. It's broken up sort of like a devotional. A few times a week we read one day. Each day is usually a short paragraph or two. Right now we are on day 349 and we are almost done with the book. The kids wanted me to find another book similar to it but, I haven't found anything yet. The kids are thinking I should start at the beginning again and just read it over! I told them we will shelf it when we are done and see about it next school year.

From Adam to Us from Notgrass is amazing. We broke it up in two years and do it three times a week and sometimes twice if we have a hectic schedule. I read it out loud to both kids. With my daughters disabilities she would struggle reading it. My son does the timeline, maps, and the workbooks for it. 

The workbooks would overwhelm my daughter. She loves me  reading and can tell me what I read out-loud to her.
A surprising favorite of my daughters this year is Memorial Press and their "The United States" geography book. Writing is hard for her but she loves this and some assignments takes her several days. I let her go at her own pace.

What have you been doing in your homeschool that you and your kids enjoy?


  1. The Great Turkey Walk is one of our favorite books! We recently enjoyed Old Yeller again <3

  2. Great read alouds, and I think Adam to Us looks like such a great course. One we would have enjoyed had it been available when my students were younger. :-)

  3. I personally love Old Yeller! I had my oldest read it a few years ago, but I think we need to do it as a read a loud this time!

  4. Looks like you are having a great time together. So glad you are enjoying "From Adam to Us".


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