04 December 2023

Wounded Tiger by T. Martin Bennett Book Review & Giveaway

"Bravo to an extraordinary story! I can feel your passion in bringing the story to life - a moving international epic! So simply and clearly written. I could continue to write praises but think you have many already." — Yoko Narahashi (Associate Producer of The Last Samurai, Producer of Emperor, and also known for BabelJumper, and Memoirs of a Geisha)

"The story of Mitsuo Fuchida and his transformation is one of the most gripping stories of WWII and the Pacific War. This thrilling story of war and forgiveness is a must for all." — Dr. Donald Goldstein, PhD (New York Times best-selling author of At Dawn We SleptMiracle at Midway, and many others).

Wounded Tiger is the true story of the pilot who led the Pearl Harbor Attack, whose life was changed by an American prisoner and by a girl he never met. Three incredibly different people have their paths cross in ways so remarkable as to almost be unbelievable if it weren't so well documented.

You can purchase a copy: https://bit.ly/WoundedTigerBloggers

My Thoughts:

For the last week, I have been absorbed in reading Wounded Tiger. History has always been my favorite subject and I enjoy reading books that tell a historical story from those who were there too. This is a true story that will capture your heart and mind. A heartfelt story of God’s redemption.

One thing that had me enthralled was the way the author entwined several individuals' stories together. That is hard to do without losing your audience. I felt like the individuals were unique and relatable, and I felt like I was getting to know the characters.

The story takes place during War World II. Jacob DeShazer who decided to join the U.S. military, eventually becomes a bombardier on a bomber aircraft. He and his military unit do a dangerous mission over Tokyo. Jake’s life is forever impacted by that faithful flight. He spent most of the war in a prison camp and many prisoners were killed and badly mistreated. During that time a Bible came to him. There in the darkness and hopelessness, he came to know the King of Kings and embraced his Savior, Jesus.

Mitso Fuchida is a Japanese commander pilot who led the attack on Pearl Harbor. He was also instrumental in several events in the Pacific theater during War World II. Not until after the war does he learn of a Christian forgiveness who had every reason to hate him.

Peggy Covell was in Japan as a missionary with her family.  Until Japan stepped in and the family moved to the Philippines. Peggy ended up going back to America for college. When the Japanese invaded the Philippines. Many of the Covell’s were accused and killed as spies when they lived in Japan. Even though Peggy’s family were only missionaries in Japan she clung to her faith after the tragic events that fell on her family in the Philippines.

This book was originally made as a movie script. Scattered throughout the pages are photos, documents, maps, letters, and newspaper clippings.

An inspiring story that is worth reading.

Enter to win a copy https://www.blessedfreebies.com/wounded-tiger-giveaway.html

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