Monday, April 13, 2009

All about spelling

I am really excited about starting All about spelling. Bug has been spelling verbally even before she could read. She has been asking me to start doing spelling in school for a quite awhile. This is where my quest began, searching for a spelling program. I bought A reason for spelling and it just didn't click with Bug, she was bored just as much as I was. Then I looked at Spelling power and many of the other programs that had all kinds of great reviews but none of them appealed to me. On the Sonlight forum I regularly visit I started to follow all the chatter on All about spelling.

I found much more than a spelling program. It teaches phonemes, spelling, and reading simultaneously. It uses the Orton Gillingham principles(Also used by Romala Spalding). For those who are not familiar with it basically, it teaches all the phonograms together for example the letter a says-/a/-/ay/-/aw/ most programs teach just the first sound of the letter- "A" teaching the short vowel sound and later on adding the long sound. Decoding words is so much easier when all the sounds are mastered. This program also incorperates segmenting words by identifying sounds within the word. I have been using this approach for Bug from the beginning of our homeschool journey. 
All about spelling is multi sensory for all different types of learners. Its visual, auditory and kinesthitic. Which is exactly what Bug needs.

This month they added a reader to go along with AAS level 1 called the Beehive reader (and are also working on adding readers for all the levels) It correlates with the AAS 1 or you can use it alone. I love the pictures in the book.

This program is easy-to-use- no preparing each week for lessons. You can just open the book up and start where you finished the day before. Just what I need!!!! They have a teacher manual which is actually very easy to follow. They use magnetic tile with the letters, a set of flashcards(phonograms cards, sound cards, key cards and word cards.) A CD with the sounds of the sounds. The concepts are explained easily. It works on mastery of the spelling rules. Something I was never taught in school. My spelling is bad and I look forward to learning along with the kiddos. I think that this approach to spelling is wonderful and it makes more sense, because kids can learn the rules behind the spelling. The only thing I recommend you need to have is a 2' x 3' magnetic board and a index card holder with a follower. Some AAS users also us a cookie sheet.

They have an All about Homophones book that has worksheets, fun games and has ideals that are grade appropriate. I haven't purchased it yet but I am going to add it in my budget this year. I will let you know about it when I get it. Bug thinks its real silly when we have talked about homophones in the past. She is going to love this. Marie Rippel is working on a prereading program that is for the kiddos who don know letters or sounds. I look forward to using it with Little Man when he gets to that point.

I became an affiliate with All about spelling because, I feel passionate about this program and want to share it with others. You can find out about how others feel this program by checking out the forum called the Chatterbee. Its filled with lots of experienced ladies and gents who are very helpful. The price of the program is very affordable. Trust me I am on a very tight budget every year.

I will keep you posted on how this journey goes with All about spelling.

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  1. I too am so excited about using this spelling program. I think Edward will love it, too!


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