Friday, September 3, 2010

Picky Eaters

This last week Bug has decided that she is not liking one of the few foods that she eats. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches. Sigh! Bug has Sensory Processing Disorder and foods are a big issue with her. I am hoping that this will just be short lived like the granola bar change. Which now she is back to eating them all day-as long as it is Quaker Chocolate Chip Chewy brand she is a happy camper. Peanut Butter is the main protein that she gets. She will not eat any form of meat. She has gagged on meat since she was an infant. I didn't think to much of it when she was an infant because it is not uncommon for them to not take to the meat texture. Every once in awhile Dad can get her to eat a slice of deli meat turkey. Very small but I will take what I can get. This may happen once every few months.

She also likes to eat with her hands. It takes Dad and I always reminding her to use her silverware. I think touching her food is more reassuring. Yep, she would rather eat cereal with milk with her hands.

Bug's food preferences I can name on my hands or at least the stuff she eats for any of the 3 main meals.
1. Macaroni and Cheese- Aldi's brand and Kraft's, she prefers Aldi's and can taste the difference. I can't taste the difference but she insist that they are very distinct in flavors.
2. Ramon Noodles has to be chicken or beef only.
3. Cheese Sandwiches on wheat bread. Kraft cheese only and it has no mayonnaise or anything.
4. Kroger Marshmallow cereal and Lucky Charms. She prefers the Kroger brand better.
5. Quaker Chewy Chocolate Chip granola bars only.
6. Sometimes Eggo French Toast Waffles.
7. Sometimes Spaghetti's no meat at all.
8. Goldfish-name brand only
9. Animal crackers goes in fazes.
10. Tootsie rolls
11. Some Dumb dump suckers depending on flavor.
12. Hostess, cupcakes, ding dongs, and powder doughnuts, M&M's plain, Hersey milk chocolate bar.
13. Pretzels, Cheetos, corn chips, some potato chips, popcorn, Club crackers, Saltine crackers, some cake mixes with chocolate frosting only, brownies.
14. Cheerios, Cookie Crisp cereal with no milk.
15. Drinks only water. I won't complain with this one. Will take a pop when we go out to eat(which is not often) I always have a bag of food for her everywhere I go. It includes granola bars and goldfish or animal crackers.
16. No restaurants on her menu not even fast food. (That's why she get the treat of a pop)
17. Challah bread, homemade by either Becky or me only. It uses brown sugar. Very tasty.
18. Eggs hard boiled or scrambled in moderation.
19. Yoplait Whips chocolate mousse a new favorite
20. Sometimes grapes, apple slices.
21. Dole fruit cocktails in a cup and apple sauce.
22. Hot dog and Hamburger buns without the meat of course!
23. If she could she would probably eat the margarine out of the tub, not allowed but she tries. YUK!!!!!!

Wow, writing the foods down makes me feel like it is more than I thought!

It is not uncommon for a child with SPD to have a taste for sweets and salty foods. I know you may say that this is true for any kids. Who doesn't like the sweets. I have tried and am always trying to get her to try and eat new things. I always offer her everything we are eating.

Poor Little Man is stuck in the middle with his eating. I am not a picky eater and prefer fresh fruits and vegetables. I love to eat all kinds of varieties of food. Can only think of three things I don't like and I also eat a bibically clean diet by choice. While Daddy on the other hand is also picky and is a meat and potato eater. Does not like trying different cultures foods and has very few foods he likes. At least it is a balanced meal and has some variety. He will only eat foods that are considered bibically clean also. Little Man being a 4 year old would prefer Bug's diet all the time. He does like meat. I make him eat other things and he does like things for the most part. Dinner can be a challenge at times and much to my dismay can be pretty boring with my family. I try to make myself fresh veggies nightly and even cook somethings in advance.

I hope that Bug being sick is affecting her taste buds and that she will go back to eating her peanut butter. As a mother you always worry about your kids diet. It's a big deal when you have a kid with Sensory issues. Many blessings. May the Lord bless you and keep you this day.

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