Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thankful for HIS protection on Little Man

Yesterday, we had a scary moment with Little Man. I am every so grateful to my Savior that he is alright. It is one of those moments when your Mommy radar is going off before the event even happened. Do you have those?

We have a lot of wind in Kansas and opening doors can be a hazard if you are not careful. My daycare princesses where being picked up and the usual Bug dashing to the side of my house to my little yellow nemesis, which you can read about here if you aren't acquainted with what I am talking about. Little Man in all of his energy comes storming out the door like a freight train. I grab the outer door as the wind tries to carry it off its hinges.

I had to get Bug in her little sanctuary on the side of my house. A few minutes later my freight train goes back into the house, successfully. This is the moment my mommy radar is coming on. I was warning him before he reached the door. Well, Little Man for some unknown reason decided to head on back out.

That is when it happened. It was one of those moments that was in slow motion. He pushed the door open. This is a full view glass door! A gust of wind comes up and swings the door against the house and straight back to him. He tries to stop the door with both hands from slamming him! I hear and see the glass shatter all over him as his hands, arm go through the other side of the door. Then comes his screaming! The whole door is almost completely voided of glass except for some very jagged edges around the outer rim.

I think my heart stopped. My daycare kids grandma and me rushed to him. We are both thinking emergency room. She was even offering to stay with Bug while I take him to the emergency room- when she is running to reach him.

He had a few small cuts that barely broke the skin on his arms and legs. All that glass didn't get in his eyes and cause anything more serious than mom almost having a heart attack. Amazing, it could of been so much worst.

It was an accident on his part. One that could of been avoided. It scared him and he crying pretty hard. I had him go get Daddy to help me clean up. He was just saying, "I am so sorry Mommy" over and over. Dad had to make him catch his breath to understand what he needed.

I had glass all over house. Even the kitchen which is in the back of the house. We still didn't get it all cleaned up in the grass and yard. It is everywhere. Now, I have to worry about Bugs wild dashes to the side of the house barefooted. I will be picking up glass for weeks. It didn't break in large pieces it completely shattered. Sigh it is one of those moments that I can still see being played out in slow motion etched in my brain. I am ever thankful to my Yeshua for protected him. May the Lord bless you and keep you this day.


  1. Oh my! That would have been scary! So glad he wasn't hurt worse and hopefully you'll be able to get the glass cleaned up without anyone else happening to step into it.


  2. How scary! I used to live in North Dakota, so I know the kind of wind you're talking about but I can't even imagine that kind of glass everywhere, both inside and out! Praising God for his protection over your little one.

    I don't know why, but I haven't gotten any notifications of your posts for about a month! I just figured you weren't blogging. Now I'm going to go back and see what I've missed!


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