Friday, May 20, 2011

Egyptian Paddle Doll Craft

I am cleaning out the school room again and I realized that I never posted anything about this project. We did this with our study of Ancient Egypt with the Sonlight Introduction to World Cultures Core B and with Mystery of History Volume I.

We learned about different types of games and toys that children in Ancient Egypt played with. Learning about cultures and what the children did really seems to draw their attention in more when they learn about kids like them. They still like to play with the dolls and it is starting to show the wear and tear on them.

What you will need is:

1. Cardboard heavy or you can use some wood if you are creative in that area
2. Pony Beads
3. Black Yarn
4. Make a simple pattern on the cardboard
5. Paint or Markers
6. Sharp knife or scissors

After you cut out the pattern you will need to punch holes into the head to add the hair. Then have the kids put the pony beads on the hair. Add a necklace with bead and decorate the dress. Pretty simple craft on Ancient Eygpt.

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  1. What a really cute and simple craft. I wonder when we would have an opportunity to make these using MFW. We'll have to find a time to make these. Pinning for future use.
    Thanks so much for stopping by Throwback Thursday Blog-Style. I wanted to let you know this post was randomly selected as this week's Featured post.
    I hope you have a chance to visit this week.


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