Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Our Bug took the plunge in the Mikveh. What is a Mikveh? Mikveh is a Hebrew word meaning, " is a bath used for the purpose of being immersed"baptised". Bug was immersed with the death, burial, and resurrection of Messiah Yeshua(Jesus). It happened on the 28 Tamuz 5771, known as July 29, 2011. What a joyous moment this was for our family.

What makes it more precious is how Bug did it prior to the event. She has asked us about being baptised before. She couldn't always explain it to us or it would be some information. We just were not sure that she really understood it. She was seeing her friends at the Synagogue do it. We didn't want her doing it just because they are doing it. Also water is a big thing for her. She is afraid to put her head in the water and even in the water she would cling to you so tight in a death grip.

Well she heard that we had another Mikveh coming up and told Daddy that she was ready. She explained it to him. Daddy told her that he would talk to the Rabbi about it. She didn't think Daddy was going to do it. She took things in her own hands and after service one Shabbat she went up to the Rabbi and told him, "I want to get baptised" She told him that she knows what it means and explained in detail what it means to her. She also informed him, "that Yeshua (Jesus) lives in her heart." Well how can you deny her that.

So prior to the immersion they recorded every ones testimony to show before they got immersed. Bug was very detailed and when asked if she can name one commandment she said, "no, I will tell you 3 commandments." and she did. Then she decided that she wanted to sing the Shema (Deuteronomy 6 :4-9) in both Hebrew and English. It was adorable.

She did good getting in the water. Daddy got the privilege of doing it. She wanted to go under herself and she made it 3/4 up to her head. What a big step for her.
My only problem, Daddy stood on the wrong side and I didn't see it. Which in the big scheme of it. That is okay because what really matters is that she did it. They recorded it and I will see it later. I am just proud of my little girl. Everything is such a struggle for her and she was so brave and she loves Yeshua with all her heart.
We had a cake made for her to celebrate. She truly out did herself making this cake. It was more than I expected. We call her Bug for a reason. She loves ladybugs and bugs!
Look at that smile! Remember Moms never stop praying and teaching God's word to your babies. Even those who are mentally challenged. God meets them where they are at. HE blooms in their hearts and gives them a understanding of who HE is. Have a blessed week.

"Through immersion into his death we were buried with him; so that just as the Messiah was raised ffrom the deat, likewise we too might live a new life."

Romans 6:4

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  1. Romans 6:4 is one of our memory verses. This was such an encouraging and inspiring post! Three of my 5 have special needs and I need to be reminded to not give up sharing with them; even when I feel to weary.
    Way to go Bug (even though this comment is a year late!)
    Thanks for that word!
    Love Lusi


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