Friday, August 19, 2011

Week in Review-Week #1

I thought it would be fun to start a week in review on my blog. What a fun way to recap what we have done during the week. The kids and I enjoy looking at the old post and seeing what we have done during the school year from time to time. What better way than to write about it while it is fresh in my mind!
As you know we started school earlier than normal this year. We actually have gotten a lot done in our first week of school. Our tradition is to do the white board with them posing by it with the date, grade on the board.

Scripture memory is John 3:16

Sonlight Core C, Week 1

Tuesday, we had two flies stuck in the class room, I know that is a silly thing to mention. In my case that is a big deal as my Bug is fascinated with any type of  bugs. To make a long story short it was total distraction for her. I couldn't find the fly swatter. It took a lot of redirecting her attention to complete her task. Luckily it being the first day was very light and more of a review day.

Tuesday was also our first PE class for the year. Little Man has a close friend from our congregation that started in PE this year. Life savior since my Princess 5 daycare girl started Kindergarten this week.

Wendsday was a full school day with no distractions.

Thursday I didn't have my Princess2. I was going to let the kids sleep in a little since it is such a rare thing to do around here. Little Man woke up at the normal time and wanted to snuggle. We layed in his room and fell back to sleep. I love my cuddle time. It made my heart happy!

We also had our first field trip with our homeschool support group. It was a trip to the main library. They learned about how to act in the library. How to treat the books you are borrowing at home. They had story time and lots of being silly.
(yes, the picture is suppose to have a blur on it. I don't like to show other kids faces on my blog without their permission.)

There were three classes for the different ages. K-2nd, 3rd-6th, and 7th-12th. I kept Bug in the lower class. We felt that she would struggle in her age group. Which they learned how to use the different systems in the library to find what you are needing. How to research for a book report. Tour of the library. Then they had to do a savenger hunt on finding a book in the library. I would of loved to have her learn all of that. She would of been a distraction to the rest of the group. I can teach her that myself when she is ready.That is some of the fun things you have to consider when you have a very special child!

Bug is now reconizing that she is being put in the groups that are intended for lower grades. She really wanted to go with the older group at the library:(   It kinda broke my heart.

PE she should be in the next class up. She was a little upset there. We will have to revisit that with PE and talk to the couch again to see if he thinks she would do okay in the next class.

Today, we have our first Dr. appointment for the school year. We do a follow up with her neurologist
today. I suspect it to be a quick appointmet. Then we will come home and do school.
Little Man being silly as usual!
Bug laughing at her brother. He was making faces at her and making her laugh. I gave up trying to get her to look at me! Oh well! I think I can manage :0)

Have a blessed weekend. Time to go start our day.

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