Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Week In Review-Week #13

We are in Sonlight Core C week #13

Scripture memory this week:
23 The wages that sin pays are death, but God’s gift is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Our read-out-loud is The Tales of Robin Hood

We are suppose to finished in Robin Hood but, that is not likely to happen. We got way behind this week reading it. We should be in the read-out-loud, "The Door in the Wall" That is okay. That always seems to happen around this time.

Monday-I canceled therapy. I needed a sanity break from it. We also had my Princess6 here as she is out of school this whole week. Little Man was excited to have her here. He keeps begging me to homeschool her again so she can come back. Don't think he understands that I can't. Knowing that she was going to be with her I scheduled a light week for his sake.

We are working on our Grapevine Bible Study again. I go off and on with this study. I am finding that the drawing is difficult for Bug. She gets really distracted and it is also hard on her joints at times.
Little Man loves Grapevine and wants to do it everyday.
Bug really loves it. It's amazing what little things are difficult for children that have special needs. We are still in Genesis in this study. We have been in this section:

Genesis 3:14-19

Common English Bible (CEB)

 14 The LORD God said to the snake,
   “Because you did this,
   you are the one cursed
      out of all the farm animals,
      out of all the wild animals.
   On your belly you will crawl,
      and dust you will eat
      every day of your life.”
 15 I will put contempt
   between you and the woman,
   between your offspring and hers.
They will strike your head,
      but you will strike at their heels.”
 16 To the woman he said,
   “I will make your pregnancy very painful;
         in pain you will bear children.
You will desire your husband,
      but he will rule over you.”
 17 To the man he said, “Because you listened to your wife’s voice and you ate from the tree that I commanded, ‘You will not eat from it,’
   cursed is the ground because of you;
      in pain you will eat from it
      every day of your life.
18 Weeds and thistles will grow for you,
      even as you eat the field’s plants;
 19 by the sweat of your face
   you will eat bread—
      until you return to the fertile land,
         since from it you were taken;
         you are soil,
            to the soil you will return.”
After bible study we visited New Zealand and learned about the believers among the Maori people. We then found New Zealand on the map and stamped our passports.

In Child's History of the World the kids learned about William the Conquer and the Battle of Hastings. We then mapped out the countries and stamped our passport for England and France.

The kids worked on a little math, phonics, and reading and I released them to go play early!

Tuesday- It was a very unproductive day for Bug. She wasn't having a good day. Needless to say I am contacting the Dr. I hope and pray that she isn't having seizures or mini strokes going on. Before all the craziness we managed to learn about the Herero in country of Namibia.

While Bug sat under the table Little Man worked on math and reading. I think Bug was listening while we read, "Usborne Book of World History" and "A Child's History of the World" about the first crusades to the Holy Land. Which I stamped her passport. Little Man already knew where Israel was on the map. Then we read Manners and Customs in the Middle Ages. I had a craft planned but, as you can imagine that never happened.

At PE the coach invited Princess6 to join in since she did PE last year with us. The kids played soccer on scooter boards, had races on them. They played a favorite snakes and rabbits.

Little Man finished up his work when we got home. All the while Bug just stared at us.

This was a dramatic day for everyone. Needless to say it isn't usually this bad. I can always get her to do her work. It was just different-I mean she was different. Last night Grandma had to watch the kids for a few and I was informed that her speech was slurred and she was confused profoundly. That is what is making me wonder about the stroke and seizures which she hasn't had any since she was 10 1/2 weeks old. I know you are probably wondering why I didn't call the Dr. last night. Bug has a lot of complex medical issues and if I felt her life was in danger I would have. It's just complicated to explain.

Wednesday- My plans are to do the basics-math, reading, phonics, and read, The Tales of Robin Hood". Let the kids enjoy Princess6 today. That depends on what the Dr. says this morning. Keep us in your prayers.


All scriptures are taken from the Common English Bible.

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