Thursday, December 29, 2011

Crazy Fish

Their is nothing physically wrong with this fish! He (according to Little Man it is a he.) This is Little Man's fish Goldie. He has a few marbles missing. He likes to play dead or whatever fishes like to play.

He likes to float on his back at the top of the tank. It scared Little Man to death when he seen it the first time. We had lots of tears. He goes to the bottom of the tank and flips himself around on his back and then floats up to the top. Goldie does this over and over. He even tries to get Bug's fish to flop over on her back. Her name is Ballerina. She is the smarter of the two and probably thinks Goldie is off his rocker. He even does flips or maybe he is chasing his tail? I have no idea.

I have to say that this fish as provided me and the kids with lots of entertainment. Changing the water in the tank is just as amusing. He likes to try and get in the cup when I am trying to do a partial water change. Then when I pour the new water in the tank he gets right by the water coming in and lets himself go with the flow of the water. He just goes with the current and swims back to the top wanting more.

I keep telling myself I should try and do a video of this crazy fish. I have never heard of a fish doing any of this before. Now, I am curious if anyone else has had a fish do this kind of stuff. This fish has a lot of personality. I think he begs for food when its time to eat also. He follows you around from inside the tank-swimming back and forth. He makes himself known that it is feeding time.

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