Sunday, January 22, 2012

Monster Trucks

We had a Monster Truck show come into town awhile back. Little Man just loves Monster Trucks. So we thought we would look into taking him to see the show. Unfortunately, the admission was outrageous. By the time you add parking and everything else we just couldn't justify spending that much money. We didn't tell him that we were looking into it. Which I am glad we didn't because it would of  broke his heart to tell him no.

Fortunately, they had one on display up by our house. We surprised him as we were out and about running around. As we were driving by pretending not to notice-he yelled, " A monster truck!" "Please, can we stop and look at it!" Later he told me,"It is so gigantic and I can't believe that the trucks are so big."
I am a little naive. I didn't realize how big the trucks are. No wonder they call them Monster Trucks.
Little Man informed me that the tires are bigger than he is. Later we talked about how it would take up two lanes on the street. He got to wondering how they drove it to the business without crushing other cars. :0) He didn't meet the driver which he really wished he could of asked him lots of questions.
Bug was impressed with the size of the tires also. She was disappointed that it wasn't the pink ":Bandit" Monster Truck! She declared that she is going to have a garage big enough to fit one at her house and she will learn how to drive it. I love kids. They have such an imagination.

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