Friday, February 10, 2012

Week In Review-Week #22

We are in Sonlight Core C week #22

Scripture memory this week: 
John 14:26
We are still enjoying, "The Narrow Way" by the Pearables. This week we are still learning about faith and the various scriptures found on faith. Some of the topics this week have been: God is King, Our Lord's Kingdom, and How to Enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We have had some good conversation on this study.
The kids are learning how to look up scriptures in the Bible. We continue to learn the books of the Bible to make this easier in looking up scriptures.

We finished, "Good Queen Bess""Story of Elizabeth I of England"  We started, "White Stallion of Lipissa" by Marguerite. The kids wanted to find out if the Lipizza are true. We found a fun video on You Tube about them. My kids couldn't believe that a horse could do such an amazing performance. My kids are convinced that if you want to learn something go to You Tube. Not good, but we have fun looking up subjects on it.

For our poetry "Aesop's Fables" and "A Poke in the I".

Physical Education

PE didn't happen this week as Bug had an appointment that went longer than expected and we left the Dr. office right when class was starting.

We had a little snow coming down on Thursday night and I think the kids got enough exercise for the whole week! They had a blast running and sliding outside. It was dark out but, they had fun and came inside cold, wet, and ready to go to bed. You would of thought it was a blizzard with the way my kids reacted. We haven't had any snow this year. Even last night was minimum and it has already melted.


On Monday Bug had Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy this week. 

Then on Thursday we had Horse Therapy. She is counting down the weeks she has left and asking if she can keep doing it after her 7 weeks are up!

Window on the World

The kids visited several cultures this week: Yao-Mien, Dai Lu, and the Hui. Most of these groups are in Asia. China, Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos. We located then on our wall map and stamped our Passports.

 History & Geography

We finished up with Queen Elizabeth and the, "Age of Elizabeth" as it in now referred to. During her reign, England became a world power.

Tobacco was introduced to England and became very popular. With the popularity of tobacco it brought in slavery from Africa to Virgina so they could tend to the tobacco crops. We had a discussion about tobacco and the effects of it on our bodies. We talked about slavery.

First Colony started in America on the island of Roanoke in North Carolina. Which the entire colony disappeared somewhere in the 1590's?

English made settlements in India and America. We touched on the establishments of Jamestown, Virginia in 1607.  Pilgrims later arrived in 1620 to America at Plymouth, Massachusetts on the Mayflower. Most came over for freedom to worship God freely. We had some fun conversations talking about the pilgrims coming to America and being able to have freedom to serve God.

We meet King James I of England and how he had the Bible translated into English. Then I showed them that we still use this translation today. The Kings James Bible.

Little Man is still learning about landforms. We are just about to finish up on this unit study.

Bug is still in the state of Oregon. She is learning about the logging industry. We are almost done. I think this unit has not been either one of our favorites.

Both kids are still working on Kansas history. We started on some of the Native Indians on the Plains.


Science didn't happen to much this week. We touched on how color's are made by light and raindrops. We talked about the prism. 

The kids wanted to play with the microscope. We pulled it out and looked at various slides.

Language Arts, Math, and Misc Studies

Bug is still learning about the various reference books. She is learning how to find things in the Encyclopedia, dictionary, Atlas, and the Library card catalog.

I was disappointed about how Bob Jones English and Grammar did the card catalog. They went by the old files when in my days you had to look it up in the drawers. Maybe, I am wrong but do any Library use the drawers anymore? I will show her next time we go to the library how to use the computer. This has been the only part of BJU that I haven't liked. Other than that I really love the curriculum and would recommend it.

Bug finished her Horizon math book that was left over from a previous year. Not sure which direction to take her in. I have book 2 for Horizon.  I am holding off on Math U See Gamma for next year.

Both kids had fun doing math facts with bean bags tossing them back and forth and reciting the facts. We also did math facts on the iPad.

The kids are still learning their Hebrew-Alef Bet and some vocabulary. They are doing well in Hebrew. I will start them in class next time our synagogue starts a new class. Both the kids can recite some of the prayers in Hebrew. I mix them up at times and the kids correct me. 

In art this week I let the kids pick what they wanted to work on. We used pastels as our medium.
 Bug choose to do a castle with a horse outside of the drawbridge. She is getting pretty good at adding small details.
Little Man wanted to find something in one of our art books. He did a good job choosing a picture.
Much to my embarrassment I had to make a deal with my kids for art! If you remember a prior post with art I was informed that I am part of the school and if I put up their art work mine has to go up too. They even want to see the blog to make sure I added mine. The kids love me drawing with them.
Little Man copied my drawing also. How fun for me. Pastels sure are messy.

Friday I have a friend coming over who has a boy that is only a few months younger than Bug. So we will have a play day. The rest of the stuff will just be added to next week. Don't you love homeschooling. We can take a day off when needed. Sometimes it is just because we feel like it and no other reason!

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