Sunday, May 27, 2012

End of the Year Homeschool Program

Monday we had our end of the year homeschool program with our homeschool group that we participate in. First of all I want to thank all our family and friends who came to rejoice with all the accomplishments that Bug and Little Man have done during the year.

I love doing this with the kids. It is a great way for the kids to talk about what we do in school. I love seeing their smiling faces when they do it. It also shows those who aren't so sure about homeschool that yea, we do all kinds of fun educational things in our homeschool. That my kids don't miss out on to much being homeschooled.

I haven't yet done the program that they do at the end of the dinner and table display yet with the kids. This year was a talent show of sorts for the kids. Some kids recited poetry, danced, played musical instruments, and varies other things. We leave when it starts. I just don't think I can bare Bug sitting through it at this point. It would be too much for her. I keep telling myself every year I should try it and let them do something. I haven't gotten up the nerve or had the time to prepare these last few weeks.

 I did it different this year and just put lots of pictures on the boards to show activities, crafts, field trips, and other school related things we have done this last year.
 We had two six foot tables an they sure did fill up fast.
 Bug is talking about her entomology box to everyone who would listen to her.
 It almost looks overwhelming when you see everything together on one table. Wow, we had lots of fun this school year.
Bug's entomology box was a big hit among kids and adults alike. We brought the magnifying glass and it was fun watching everyone explore the box and then watching them come back a few times later on. 

Bug has 70 insects in her box and her box is pretty much complete. We have around 6 insects that we need help identifying or confirming that we have the right insects. Our next 4-H Entomology meeting we will get the needed help.

We are starting to pin for the 2012-2013 year now. We may have a few insects that we may take out of her box as they may mark her down due to varies reason. All she needs is 52 to submit her box.

Get involved in a homeschool group if you aren't already. It doesn't matter if its a co-op or a small group. Or maybe just a few friends who hang out, do field trips, and other things together.

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