Sunday, July 22, 2012

Oklahoma and the Tulsa Aquarium

 We arrived at our hotel pretty early and decided to go to the Tulsa Aquarium. The aquarium was opened late this particular evening. Good thing because it was extremely hot the next day when we went to the zoo. It would of been hotter if we went later in the day. We originally planned on going to the aquarium first and then the zoo.

 The aquarium had all kinds of petting exhibits. Not something I would imagine at an aquarium. Bug loved the horseshoe crabs and the shrimp.
 String rays!!!!! They had their stingers removed. Not to mention nursery sharks. We had a hard time getting Bug away from this area. I think she became a regular at this stop. I stopped counting after the tenth time. 
Little Man refused to stick his hands in any of the exhibits. According to him, "yuk, disgusting, stinky, fitly wate,r and yukky slimy fish"
 The shark exhibit was neat. Walking into a tunnel with the sharks swimming over your head and on both sides was fun. None of my pictures came out of the tunnels.
 My son at it again. I love his playfulness.
 I think the kids have watched to many episodes of Gator boys!
 I am glad we don't live in Florida or anywhere with gators.
 Little Man capturing the alligator.
 Of course my Bug has to love on it at first.
 Little Man inspired his sister.
She is explaining to her brother how to put on a show with the alligator. She even asked me if I had any tape for the gators mouth. Too cute.

Next stop - dinner and then to the hotel to go swimming and to unwind after a full day from our Little House on the Prairie Museum, Woolaroc, and the Tulsa Aquarium marathon.

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