Saturday, September 1, 2012

Puppet Show

Awhile back the kids put on a puppet show for Mom and Dad. It was fun watching them use their imagination. Not just putting on the show but creating the puppets for the show.
 Bug's puppets were insects! Does that surprise you?
 Her bugs were helping each other fly to a certain place.
It was short and sweet. Then she bowed at the end of her show. My heart melted watching her put on the play.
 Little Man pulled out all the stops and we had to close our eyes until he got everything ready. Mom peaked and took a picture!
 I am not quite sure what his show was about. As you can see he has a scorpion. It involved a great big battle and lots of animals fighting one another. It was fun to watch.
 The battle.
 More battles.
 Always so many facial expressions.
The end and some big hugs while they congratulated each other on a show well done. A show to treasure for this Mom. I love it when they spontaneously do something like this. I am so grateful for the gift that God intrusted me with to raise two wonderful children.

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