Monday, February 24, 2014

Schoolhouse Crew Review for The KinderBach Online Piano Lesson Membership with Teacher Corner

I have been given the opportunity to do a review for KinderBach Online Piano Lesson for the TOS Review Crew. I have been provided 6 months access to this music curriculum.
KinderBach is geared towards ages 3-7, but can be used by those slightly below and over. Little Man falls slightly above in age as he just turned 8 a month ago.
 Kinderbach Piano Review for Homeschool 
You get access to over 240 lessons. You can use your computer, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, or Nook Tablet for the lessons. No waiting for books to come in the mail as you can download the lessons instantly to PDF’s and Audio MP3s. Lots of coloring pages, song books and access to all Teacher Corner materials. You will need a keyboard or piano. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. You can even download a keyboard on your tablet for this music curriculum.

If you have looked into the cost of having music lessons? Then you know that piano lessons can be expensive but, with KinderBach it’s pretty reasonable from the comfort of your home. KinderBach has a special price for their  Yearly Online Piano LessonMembership with Teacher Corner for $95.88 which works out around $7.99 month.
Homeschool Piano lessons

My son loves music and has wanted to learn how to play the keyboard that the Grandparents bought him awhile back. This Momma has no music ability at all! Taking him for homeschool piano lessons to teach him piano just wasn’t something we can manage at this time with our busy schedule. Having an online piano tutorial is something that I can manage to fit in my schedule. It travels with you on your many devices! You can try a Free Sample lessons before you decide to buy to see if it works for your family.