Saturday, July 12, 2014

Our Week Through the Lenses of a Camera

My family loves taking pictures. I would love to learn more about photography and maybe one day be able to invest in a better camera. 

I thought it would be fun showing you our week in pictures. Usually, I delete half the photos anyway's. It  might be fun looking at what caught our fancy at that time. Some may be pictures that my kiddos took.
County Fair parade. The kids  4-H club always build a float and participate in the parade.
 Building a Better Tomorrow is the theme our club choose for the float.
 After the parade the grandparents treated the kids to an unlimited carnival rides.
 I could hardly keep up with the kids.
 Bug was playing hard to capture a picture of her.
 Little Man couldn't wait to ride on the slide. Daddy and the grandparents are off on the side watching
 Told you she was being hard getting a picture off. The carousal is always her favorite.
 Bug loved this obstacle course. Actually both kids couldn't get enough and we sat for awhile a few times on this attraction.
 Off she goes to get on it again.
 Little Man enjoying himself also.
 There is Bug way at the top-again!
 Another favorite carnival ride with the kids. I'm glad they can ride by themselves now!
 Waiting for the judging of their photography for 4-H.
 Bug with the judge. 
The results. Bug received 2 blue and 3 reds. Of course all of them are insects. Mostly bees from our hives. Her blue was the dandelion one on the far left and the one she is pointing to.
Little Man received 1 purple, 2 blues, and 2 reds. He's to young to go to the State Fair. I was really surprised by his ribbon placing on the ribbons. Goes to show you how much I know about photography.
 His purple was a snow scene from his grandpa's backyard in Colorado. I guess snow scenes are very difficult and usually in black and white. The judge like the slight color contrast with the light pole against the snow. Also,  the rule of thirds was nice. We didn't even know about the rule of third's till the judging.

The blue ribbons are the mountain and the metal stair case on his left side and the cotton gin mill that you can see in the picture prior to this one. 
 A one week old bunny. Of course they wanted to take it home.
 She was pouting because I told her that we couldn't have it. She wanted me to go and buy a bunny house.
 Little Man's rocket that he did for 4-H Rocketry.
 He is proudly showing off his purple ribbon. He's to young to go to state. His first ever ribbon from 4-H and it's a purple!
 He submitted his suspension bridge that he did in school this year. You can read more about it on this post.
 He received a blue ribbon for his bridge.4-H goes purple, blue, red, and white for placement.
 Bug revamped her viking hat and added stuff to it. She received a red ribbon.
 Bug's favorite 4-H event. Not to mention her favorite thing to do if it involves insects.
 The judge looking at her box and asking her lots of questions.
 She received a purple ribbon. Next stop is the State Fair if we decide to go.
 Proudly showing off all of her hard work!
 The classroom floor has been driving me crazy for the last year and half-I couldn't handle it any longer.
 Several spots on the floor mat are buckled. The only way to fix it is to remove everything off the floor out of the classroom. That's way I've tried to ignore it for so long.
 Everything is piled up in our family room. How did it come to having so much stuff in the classroom. The good news is that everything has a place and I can locate it. We have too much stuff-that we use and need!
 This is going to be a lot of work. 

The computer desk fell apart when we moved it. I guess I'll need to find a new one.
Little Man watching a Mine craft video.

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