Saturday, October 25, 2014

Week in Review #10-2014-2015

We are in studying Biblical, Jewish, and Ancient Israel history.

Scripture Memory Verse:

We are reviewing all the scriptures from this year.


We are doing our biblical studies different this year. We did start the New Testament this week and will work our way through it.

A Child’s Bible Lessons from the Torah by Seymour Rossel

Artscroll a Childs Introduction to the Siddur.

The Word-Wise Adventures of Yisrael and Meir Going Global Book One: The Thirty-one Mitzvos

Read out Louds

We finished reading, "
Christian Heroes: Then & Now Lillian Trasher They Greatest wonder in Egypt by Janet & Geoff Benge. My kids really enjoyed this book.

We started reading, "Third-Grade Detectives #1" by George E. Stanley

For Poetry we are reading, “To
Be a Free People the Saga of Israel by Michael Bar-Zohar. This is a book of poems, songs, newspaper articles, and quotes from Israel.

Physical and Health Education

Little Man is still doing karate twice a week. 

We are still doing a nutrition class from Standard Deviants Accelerate. You can read my review with this link. We are also working on another review for Clued in Kids that covers nutrition which I will review next week.

Therapy and Appointments

Bug had food therapy and has been eating bananas at home as a result of it. We also had her eat some honey dew, watermelon, and a garden salad that was loaded with veggies!

Bugs life skill and behavioral Dr. at Heartspring took Bug into the school to sell honey and other products that we have made. She did really good with the exercise and sold a lot of items. The Dr. is having her make eye contact, she has to look at the person when talking to them the whole time, talk about her beehives and the products, and then add up the cost of items and then count back change. This is such a crucial skill for her. 

She also was able to make a basket for Heartspring to donate to their yearly fundraiser they have. This is a silent auction. I am told they get some pretty hefty donations on the silent auction. The exciting things is that they have never had a client make a basket so it's a pretty neat experience for Bug. Heartspring is world known for its amazing school, therapy center, and other things they do at the center.
I am pretty happy with the way it came out with the fall colors and the stuffing inside it is plastic fall leaves and colorful fall shredded paper. 
Heartspring ask that we make a picture frame telling that she is a client of Heartspring. We then gave a little bit of a background about her and her beehives. 
The basket has  honey, infused honey, bee pollen, bees wax candle, lip balm, soaps, lotion bar, and honey candy.
She will start back with horse therapy next week as they have had a two week break.

 History and Geography

We are continuing to learn about Ancient Egypt using Veritas Press. This was another review item that we received with the TOS Crew that we enjoyed and want to complete the course.

We made are way up to Galilee in Northern Israel. The kids are getting a brief overview of the region and then we will go into more detail in the next week or so. The Galilee region is a lot of rolling hills and grassy fields filled with olive trees and other products. In Hebrew Galilee is called, "Galil".

We found the Sea of Galilee or also known as Kinneret, Lake of Gennesaret, or Lake Tiberias. This is the largest freshwater lake in Israel.

The tallest mountain in Israel is Mount Hermon in which you can snow ski at. Then you can visit the Tiberias Hot Springs after a fun day of skiing.

Then we talked Safed, Hula Valley, and so many other places. We located all the places on the map, stamped our passport, and worked on our notebook.

We also are having a tree planted in Israel through the Jewish National Fund.

Language Arts and Math

Little Man has been reading a biography, "Get to Know King David" and told me,"that he loves this book". "David is such an interesting person and I didn't know all of this about him". I love it when my kids say things like that.

I have been drilling Little Man on his math facts pretty heavy before we go into multiplication. He is still doing Teaching Textbooks and some of the online math programs that we have reviewed and are reviewing now.

Little Man is liking the Fix-iT! Grammar and told me, "this is a fun program". I am feeling like a super cool mom this week with him. He is also doing Daily Language Reviews which is not his favorite. 

As for Bug she is regressing again and we have a planned MRI scheduled to see what is going on. School has been a real task for her lately. She is working on fractions and graphs this week along with some online math programs. She is loving IXL which I will tell you more about in a few weeks.

Language arts, spelling, and handwriting has been difficult for her lately. We are doing online IXL and ESL which seems to motivate her.

She still loves her Pathway readers and enjoys the stories and the workbooks.


Bug had Entomology this week and we pinned an extremely difficult insect. The Thread legged insect. She could only do so much with this insect. It took me and an extremely skilled pinner that has been pinning for over 40 years to do it. He has never pinned one before and was up to the challenge as he said, “it was one of the harder insects that he has pinned”. We did it and it looks mighty fragile.

Hebrew, Art, and Misc... Studies

Both kids have been doing Hebrew. Bug did her Bat Mitzvah last Saturday and did a wonderful job.

We have been playing around with my new camera and trying to figure out what different features do.
 We played with the aperture to see the difference. This is a f/22
 This is an f/4
This is where we found out that we needed to adjust the aperture with the partial solar eclipse we used a f/36.

Of course we watched the partial solar eclipse and learned a bit of information about them. 

In botany we learning about Angiosperms, Gymnosperms, seedless vascular plant, and nonvascular plants.
 We investigate pine cones and found out that they are Gymnosperms and it means uncovered seeds. The kids found some of the seeds in the cones.
 This was the favorite Gymnosperm.
 We found a nonvascular plant lichen growing on our tree.
We then found vascular plants and investigated the leaves again.

It was a productive week overall. We didn't get a few things done that I had planned and that is okay as we can work on it next week or not.

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