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My family has had the opportunity to review GPA Learn and their online math program GPALOVEMATH. GPA stands for Great Parents Academy. My kids really enjoy doing school online. I was pretty excited to get started with my kids.GPA Learn cost $149. per child for a year or $12.99 per month per child. Right now they have a special promotion for $129.

How does it work?

GPA Learn is an online interactive math program for K-5.GPA Learn will also work on tablets. I used our desktop computer instead of our tablets. This is not a downloadable program so you will need to have an internet connection for GPA Learn.

Each level has its own character. I used this with my son who is in 3 rd grade. His particular level is a robot. My daughter is in 6 th grade but, due to her learning challenges she really thrives on online programs. I started her off in off in level 4. She was extremely frustrated in this level so I decided to assign her in level 2. She thrives much better when she feels confident in her learning experience.

Little Man had a lot of fun in his level. The end of each lesson the robot would do a sort of a dance. Little Man always made a big deal out of it and enjoyed dancing and getting silly with it. He also grabbed his sister to have her join in the dancing.

 When you first sign in you will open up in this particular screen. This allows me to see the progress of each child and to modify the rewards for each child independently. I like that each child can be awarded different items as both of my kids don't have the same things that motivated them.

Each line opens up different levels. You don't have the choice to jump around as the lessons go in order. The kids worked in the "Learn tab" They would click on their name and then choose which line to work on. The lessons in gray are locked and couldn't be accessed until you completed one of the colored blocks. 

The three lines covered:
Operations and Algebraic Thinking 
Numbers, Base Ten, 
Measurement, and Data  

After so many lessons your child receives a reward. The nice thing about the reward system is that you can use their reward system or you can customize it to each child. Bug was motivated by earning time on the tablet or computer. Little Man on the other hand was motivated by earning money and wrestling time with Daddy. 

Each lesson has three parts to it:

Instruction: This is very visual with the character explaining each concept. The one thing that I didn't like about the character is that the voices sounded so computerized. The instructions were rather long winded at time. They will show several working examples of problems.

Practice: Most of these are multiply choice question in which are dragged into place. If you answer the question incorrectly the character will help you out. You also have three lifelines that will automatically give you the answer. 

Quiz: Each quiz has ten questions. You don't see immediate results on your quiz until the end of it. A passing grade is 6/10. You can retake the quiz also regardless if you pass it or not.
Every time a lesson is completed I get the results emailed too me. It would inform me if they passed the lesson or if the lesson needed to be retaken. On this particular lesson Bug had some problems and GPA recommended that she redo the lesson.You also receive a weekly report.
 I liked that the summary tells me how long it took to do a lesson. The reason why is that sometimes my son had some adventure outside of school planned and wanted to finish quickly. I could tell if he actually applied himself or if he just rushed through the lesson without no thought. 

My overall thoughts:

I had my kids do 3 lessons a week during the duration of this review. My kids did learn will working with GPA Learn. I really can't complain when my kids are learning something especially a subject like math. 

The reward system was unique and I liked that I was able to personalize it for each child. 

I thought that the practice area was long and both of my kids quickly learned how to get around the practice area by clicking through the arrows. 

I thought that the graphics and computerized voice could be improved as I didn't find the quality very appealing. 

Bug didn't care for GPA Learn much and I had a hard time getting her to be enthusiastic for each lesson. Having a child with learning challenges is difficult. She usually thrives with online math programs. GPA Learn was not a program she thrived with.

My son liked GPA Learn and didn't have any issues at all. I wouldn't say he would get overly excited with it but, then again is a 9 year old boy with other things on his mind. He did make it a point to celebrate after every lesson when the robot did his dancing. 

You can see what other members of the Crew thought of GPALOVEMATH. 


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