Thursday, July 30, 2015

Made by Me-July Blogging Challenge Day 30

This is a harder one for me as I don't consider myself very crafty. I don't sew. I have only made two crochet blankets ever. They took me over a year to complete one. 

I had to look over my past blog post to see things I have made.

I'm told I make the best sweet tea. As you know I love my tea very much.

 I make yummy Challah Bread according to my family.
My second blanket that I made for Bug.
 I enjoy growing things in my garden.
 I like growing flowers. Except the wild flowers don't need my help anymore.
 We make homemade soap for Bug's honey store.
 I like to making lip balm and have found a recipe that I am crazy over! We also do this for Bug's honey store.
 I like taking pictures. I still have a lot to learn about photography.
I  also make beeswax candles
The best thing I've ever done is my two children.
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