Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Drawing Around the World: USA TOS Crew Review

Are you looking for something that is easy to teach geography to your kids? Brookdale House offers an easy way to teach geography. For my family I wanted to teach US geography so we reviewed Drawing Around the World: USA. I received a printable/digital copy of Drawing Around the World: USA for my family to use.

This is intended for grades 4th through 12th grade. Which is nice that you can teach several grades at once.

The lessons are set up that each state is worked on in an easy weekly schedule.

Day 1: The state is introduced and you learn the state facts about the state. You record the information on a State Facts sheet. Some of the information that needs to be researched is Capital/Abbreviation, Area/Population, Statehood, Bird/Flower, Industry, and Interesting Fact. You also will trace and draw the shape of the state.

Day 2: You locate the state on the map and trace the state along with all other states you have learned. Then you write the state capital within the state.

Day 3: You will repeat the activity that you did on day 2.

Day 4: The student gets to test their memory without looking at past few days. You will find and trace the states that you have learned.

Drawing Around the World: USA is based off the Charlotte Mason approach to teaching geography and mapping the USA. The lessons are easy without too much busyness.

The lessons time vary depending on the child from 10-15 minutes a day.
You will need a printer to print out the lessons.

How did I use Drawing Around the World: USA in my Homeschool?

I used this with my son who is in 4th grade and my daughter who is in 7th grade. 

After I downloaded Drawing Around the World: USA I printed out several weeks of lessons. I used a three hole punch and put the lessons inside each notebook. 
I gave each of my kids a notebook binder.

We worked on Drawing Around the World: USA 3 to 4 times a week. Also, available is links to research the states.  I gave my kids the links and helped them google the links to find out the needed information.

Final Thoughts

My kids really enjoyed the simplicity of this curriculum. They caught on to the weekly lessons quickly without any problems. With the lessons not being too long made it that much funnier for them. For the most part the kids could work independent after the first day if needed.

I like the repetitive weekly lessons and the Charlotte Mason approach of learning the USA states and capitals.

It was simple to prepare the lessons. You could easily incorporate games, books, geography songs, and other resources to this. 

Since we have been in the midst of moving during the duration of this review we used mainly the internet to find out the state facts. Once we get settled in our new home the next few weeks I look forward to heading to the library and using our own resources once they are unearthed to enhance my kids geography learning.

They have two different programs. Drawing Around the World: Europe and Drawing Around the World: USA

Brookdale House offers several other subjects also. The Crew was able to review several different subjects. Don’t forget to check out other blogs.



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