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Homeschool Copywork a TOS Crew Review
Copywork is something that I started exploring a few years ago. It was basically open a book and copy the material that I assigned on a blank sheet of paper. Needless, to say that my kids didn’t think this was very exciting. Homeschool Copywork has turned my kids’ lack of enthusiasm around when we received a Lifetime Membership from Homeschool Copywork.
Copywork is more than just copying something down. It’s also much more than practicing handwriting and fine tuning those penmanship skills. I have to admit that my main goal when I started having my kids do copywork was to fine tune their penmanship. I soon found out that it works on vocabulary as they are being introduced to a rich variety of poetry, scriptures, quotes, and so much more. My kids are learning sentence structure, punctuations, grammar, reading, and about the subject that are copying before their very eyes.

Homeschool Copywork was created by Amy Blevins a homeschool mom of six. She started doing copywork to help one of her daughter with her penmanship. Out of her doing this in her homeschool she discovered that copywork did more than just improve her handwriting.
Homeschool Copywork is and online site that you have a whole plethora of choices to choose from. It’s an online subscription site that you can choose One Full Year Membership or a Lifetime Membership. They even have a section of free copywork pages. You download the copywork you want and print them out. Pretty simple.
You have something for all ages from Early Elementary, Upper Elementary and High School. The space provided for copying is appropriate for each level. You have copywork in print and in cursive.

The website is very easy to use and I had no problem finding my way around. The levels are broken down to make it easy to locate something suitable for your kids.

Now, for the fun part! You can start your kids copying poetry, Bible scriptures, holidays, artist, composers, hymns, science, character building, animals, and themes around history. If you have a child that likes to doodle then this gives your child a chance to color in some of the beautiful artwork within the pages of these Copywork pages.

How Did I use this for my Homeschool?

The hardest part was choosing. I decided to pick out one for my kids and then have them choose what they wanted to do.
Homeschool Copywork a TOS Crew Review
I wanted my kids to do the Character Building Copywork Coping Scriptures to Train the Heart. This uses the KJV of Bible verses to copy. Every page had a picture to color that was appropriate for the passage. It also had both print and cursive to use.
Homeschool Copywork a TOS Crew Review
Homeschool Copywork a TOS Crew Review
My daughter picked the Leaves Notebooking and Coloring  Pages. This has a variety of leaves on every page to color. You get to choose what you want to write. My daughter is copying from a botany book that tells you about leaf identification.
Homeschool Copywork a TOS Crew Review
Homeschool Copywork a TOS Crew Review
My son wanted to do Dragons of the Bible Copywork, Notebooking and Coloring Pages. This has 22 Bible Verses that containing the word “Dragon”. It’s based on a Biblical Creation view with both cursive and print options. Each page has a dragon to color and in the back it has full coloring pages to color.
Homeschool Copywork a TOS Crew Review
After everything was decided I downloaded and printed the pages out. I put the pages in a comb binder so I could keep them all together.
Homeschool Copywork a TOS Crew Review
My kids worked on copywork four times a week. They did two days of mom’s choice and the other two they did the ones they picked out. It was the right amount of copying that wasn’t overwhelming. I had the kids rotate between print and cursive. At the end they could color their pages.

My son when he worked on the  Dragons of the Bible Copywork, Notebooking and Coloring Pages I had one of the books Amy Blevins suggested to go along with it. I had him read a few pages before he would begin his copywork.

My kids loved everything and didn’t complain once! I am impressed with the variety to choose from. They are learning skills without out even knowing it.

I love it and the cost is so reasonable. I have enough copywork on this site to keep my kids busy for awhile! I would recommend Homeschool Copywork!

Take a moment and see what others from the Schoolhouse Review Crew did with their kids.


  1. ooh... I like how you bound them up so nicely. Do you have a machine that does it or did you take it someplace?

  2. Thank you for your review. I'm glad it filled a need in your family!


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