Tuesday, September 19, 2017

It's Official that the Cats Rule

Mercy is always in the classroom during school hours. Actually it's her favorite room in the house with the window and patio door. Usually she will lay at the back of your chair that you are sitting on. Which can be uncomfortable at times. We usually have an empty box in the room and it occupies her time. She likes to lay by Little Man on his desk or on top of my shelf by the window. Mind you she will cause some distractions at times.

Since, we now have a kitten the classroom has become an adventure and a huge distraction to everyone in the room. Both cats have decided that the cats rule the room.
 Twitch is attacking everything on Little Man's desk. Notice the pencil holder in the background.
 Twitch prefers the pencils on the floor. It keeps Little Man from not giving him his full attention. I mean using a pencil means not paying attention to Twitch.
 Then we have the issue of the school schedule. It's kind of hard reading a schedule when the cat has taken it over.
 Then you have the amusing tricks that Mercy and Twitch come up with. We actually thought they were going to take a cat nap. Then a car came by and woke up Twitch.
 Not so easy doing the things I need to get done when Mercy takes over the whole desk.
 Okay, Bug can do her school work somewhat. She thought Mercy needed a break from Twitch. At this time Twitch couldn't figure out how to get up on this desk. Now he has mastered getting up on the desk.
 This is normal Mercy. Except for the tail whacking the pencils while Little Man is doing his school work.
 This is the shelf above Little Man's desk. She is pouncing on Twitch and Little Man. Twitch has brought back the inner kitten in Mercy.
 Let's just say that Mercy finally found a place that Twitch couldn't get to. She was so tired that we heard snoring from Mercy.
 That is until Twitch was trying to figure out how to get up there with Mercy.
 He was determined to get Mercy up to play.
 Mercy wasn't too happy that her beauty sleep was being interrupted.
Finally, after a long and amusing hour he figured out how to get up there. Mercy ran off into another room to take a nap.
Twitch finally passed out and slept for several hours and the rule of the cats ended for the day.

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