03 January 2018

Andi Lassos Trouble and Andi to the Rescue by Susan K. Marlow Book Review

I’m excited to share with you the next two books in the Circle C Stepping Stones Series. My daughter is even more excited and couldn’t wait till I finish reading the books so I could hand them over to her.

I know I tell this story every time I review any of the books from Susan K. Marlow. I can’t help it because many years ago my daughter came across Susan K. Marlow’s books at the TPA Homeschool Convention in Wichita, KS. With a horse and a girl her age on the book cover she was pretty excited and that was the beginning of her falling in love with reading.

We have read every book in all of the series and she would happily tell you that she loves them all. If you’re wondering about more of the books you can see that there are several series for all ages.  

Circle C Adventures for ages 9-14

Circle C Milestones for ages 12+

Goldtown Adventures for boys 8-12

Andi Lassos Trouble  is book 3 in the series:

When the Circle C ranch decides to host a rodeo competition with two other ranches, dozens of cowboys are eager to prove they're the best riders and ropers in the valley. But they're not the only ones who want to show off their skills--Andi aims to lasso her way to the prizes, even if big brother Chad says the contest isn't for kids.

The roundup is meant to be a time for food, fun, and friendship. But before Andi can prove she's got what it takes to be a real cowgirl, the day turns dangerous. Will a friendly rodeo turn into a range war between ranchers and sheepherders? Can Andi and her family keep their neighbors--and themselves--safe?

Andi to the Rescue is the 4th book in the series:

This is so embarrassing. Andi's teacher, Miss Hall, is sick--and Mother is the substitute teacher. What will Andi's friends think?

But it turns out embarrassment is the last thing Andi needs to worry about when two outlaws kidnap Andi and her mother after school in a case of mistaken identity! They can't even tell the kidnappers a mistake has been made without putting themselves in even more danger.

Now they're being held in a remote cabin until Mother can teach the man in charge how to read--and he's willing to go to any length to make it happen. Andi must escape and find help. But can she lead a rescue party back to Mother before the outlaws take their new teacher--and disappear forever?

My Thoughts:

Andi Lassos Trouble  has 12 Chapters with 106 pages. The book starts out introducing “New Words” which introduces new vocabulary that your child may not be familiar with. At the end of the book there are “History Fun” which explains some history behind the book. In Andi Lassos Trouble it explains the rodeos in the later 1800s.

This story moves along fast. A fun tale of Andi preparing herself for an upcoming rodeo that is going to be held on the Circle C Ranch. Andi wears out Taffy by working her to hard lassoing sheep and cattle. Andi invites her sheepherding friends to participate in the rodeo. Andi’s sheepherding friends are about to create more problems with the cattle ranchers at the rodeo. Can the rodeo continue on peacefully.  

 You can also download an activity guide.

Andi to the Rescue also has 12 Chapters and 106 pages. New Words are introduced and the History Fun talks about Black Bart, a Gentleman Outlaw.

Andi needs to be brave and learn to trust God in a difficult time. Andi and her mother, Elizabeth are mistaking for Miss Hall the local school teacher and one of her pupils when they are kidnapped. If their identity is found out they could end up in a worst position.

After several weeks being held in a shack, Elizabeth knows that they can’t be kept their over the winter with the captors. Elizabeth sends Andi on a daring mission to escape to go and get help. 

An activity guide is available on the website.

Book 1: Andi Saddles Up-available
Book 2: Andi Under the Big Top-available

Book 3: Andi Lassos Troubles-available

Book 4: Andi to the Rescue-availabie

Book 5: Andi Dreams of Gold-summer of 2018

Book 6: Andi Far from Home-summer of 2018

I’m not going to give away any spoilers so I suggest you get your own copy. I love Susan K. Marlow’s books. They are wholesome, teach Godly character, and are fun and entertaining.

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