03 April 2018

Homeschool Diploma Review

Last year my daughter finished 8th grade and it was a huge milestone for her. My Bug has to work extra hard at everything. I was so ecstatic to present her with an 8th Grade Diploma from Homeschool Diploma.
Now that my daughter is in Highschool I have been in a bit of mourning and not because she’s going to leave home anytime soon. Due to my daughters disability she will most likely be with us far into adulthood or for the rest of her life. I find myself mourning for the things she isn’t going to be able to do. One of those things is to participate in a High School Graduate ceremony at our local homeschool graduation as a senior. After talking to several individuals I know that she couldn’t handle a ceremony that is over two hours long and in a group of 200+ young men and women. It would be too much for her to handle.

I actually cried for joy when I found out I was chosen for this review. I’m not the emotional crying type but, this has been an issue close and dear to my heart lately. I know that I can make graduation extra special for her with an option that I never considered before with Homeschool Diploma!
8th grade is a huge accomplishment for my daughter and academically she has surpassed my expectations and even all of her Dr.’s. I wanted to make it extra special for her.
The 8th Grade Diploma comes with a padded 7” x 9” Deluxe Cover and lots of other options to personalize it for your child.
Ordering from Homeschool Diploma was extremely simple! It was a step by step procedure that clearly explained what you need to do.
Every step is super easy with a drop down menu. The first step is choosing a seal to put on your diploma. You can choose from a gold foil seal or a printed seal.

Here is all the examples of the seals to choose from. I already knew that my daughter would like the gold foil and I choose the "Excellence in Homeschool Education" because she is a shining lamp!
 Next step is filling in the name of your graduate and gender and then continue to the next step. Do you see the red arrow and the red circle? This shows you where at on the diploma the information will be. I like the visual point being able to see the layout while I'm creating the diploma.
Add your school name and an optional city and state. You add the school administrator which isn't shown on the diploma. 
This menu let me choose whether to put in "eighth grade" or from "junior high school." I choose "eighth grade" option. 
Next you can add an optional verse or motto. They have 3 standard scripture versus or you can add your own. You can bypass this section if you want to leave it blank. I choose a customized Hebrew transliteration on Deuteronomy 6:4 the "Shema." It's our families favorite scripture to recite in Hebrew.  

Graduation date in which you can also back date to a certain amount of time. I went back last year for my daughter. 

 You have two choices of diploma paper. I liked the Ivory Parchment.
 The next step is to add an "honors designation" if you want to. All of these are in a gold foil. It's optional. I added a simple "Honor seal" to Bugs. She may not be no where academically near her grade level. She is amazing and I know she works hard and puts in 100% and she deserves that special honor.
 You can see the six choices of the "Honor Seals" if you add one. You don't have to add one either. 
 The diploma cover comes in black or navy. I knew Bug would like the navy. You can choose what you want on your cover from the above options . I put our school name on the cover.
For an additional cost you can add your graduates name in the lower right corner. 

Then you are ready to add it to your cart. This is my daughter's diploma cover. I added our school name"Ha Melech Yeladim" which is Hebrew transliteration for the "Kings Kids" and I also added my daughter's name. The gold foil lettering looks lovely against the navy blue background. I'm impressed with the quality and I like the padded cover.

The inside comes with a gold ribbon corners and a lovely white silk moire.

Above is the actual 8th Grade Diploma from Homeschool Diploma for my daughter. The bottom one is a complete diploma without the name crossed out.

Here are closer images of the seals and wording I customized on the diploma. 

I was really impressed with the ease of ordering the diploma. I like simple and Homeschool Diploma made it simple for me to make this extra special for my daughter.  

We surprised Bug with the 8th Grade Diploma after we got all dressed up for our community Passover Seder. 

Her dad and I were so proud to present her with an 8th Grade Diploma. She just beamed from ear to ear! It made this mamma so happy! She asked me, "Is this mine to keep forever mom?" When I told it was hers to keep forever she ran in her room and put it on display on her dresser!
Homeschool Diploma has a plethora of other items:
For Kindergarten they have Cap, Gown, Tassel and Diploma
Standard Diploma for Highschool 
Gifts for your graduate

I'm thrilled knowing that when my daughter graduates from highschool in a few years I have a place to order her Highschool Diploma, Caps and Gowns, and tassels. Then I can get other items to make her graduation extra special. I can even order her a class ring and all her announcements and thank you cards- all in one stop. I love easy and getting everything at one place. That is a big plus in my busy schedule. 

Bug may never walk up on the stage with hundreds of other kids but, I feel her experience will be special now that I know I have another option. Just giving her the 8th Grade Diploma from Homeschool Diploma was worth the big smile, hugs, and kisses. 

Thank you Homeschool Diploma for making this extra special and I'm grateful for this option in the near future as my daughter is getting closer to graduating. 
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