06 December 2011

Math U See Decimal Street Lapbook

A couple of years ago I came across a lapbook from one of Math U See's newsletter. I knew that it would benifit my daughter. It was a big help for Bug in learning her decimals. 

Now, it's Little Man's time to start on Decimals and he was really excited since it is Cars. Cars 2 is so fresh on his mind that made it that much better.

So to give honors where they are due you can look at "Daniel Academy" blog to see where I was able to make mine. I cannot tell you what a blessing this was for me in teaching place value.
Are you getting excited yet? I still am when I see this lapbook.
Here is the units and the tens place.
Next the hundreds place.
All of Decimal Street.

All you need is:
2- file folders
Black paper to make the street
Red poster board  paper (for handling all the folding) to make the castle and the car.
Green paper to make the units house and car.
Blue paper for the tens house and car.
White paper as a center piece on the cars
Yellow to divide the road.
Don't forget a ruler, scissors, and glue.

I would recommend to laminate it all- not just the cars. Our lapbook has been loved over the years and used heavily. The cars can be wiped off easily when laminated. I actually made two of each color of cars. Just in-case one drove away!
Cars sticker (really you could make your street anything that is your child's favorite.)

I used the Decimal Street copy included in the Math U See Primer as my pattern to make the houses and castle the correct size. As for the cars. Well, that was before I took a liking to blogging and all I can tell you is that I found it on some preschool site that has shapes. :0( sorry.

I store all the pieces in a small vanilla folder with the wipe off marker. That way I am not searching for a marker and I am ready to go.
My favorite part is Little Man in action.
Don't forget to let them play with the cars once they accomplish the problem. It's a built in reward after each problem. Of course, don't forget to put some kind of time limit on it if you want to accomplish anything else.


  1. Thanks for following and I am following back:) We use Math U see also I haven't seen this lap book so I will be heading over to check it out.

  2. oh, I LOVE that lapbook!!! I need to look into that and make it for my kiddos!!! Thanks for dropping by today. So glad you left a comment so that I could find you and this greatidea!

  3. This looks like so much fun. Thank you for sharing the idea. I am always looking for new (and fun) ways to help my kids learn things.

    Thank you for visiting my blog (Sunflower Schoolhouse), it was nice to have you.



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