26 August 2020

ThemeVille Math Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

The last few weeks I have been using ThemeVille Math - Grade 4 with my daughter. This is a completely new homeschool math curriculum for me. This is a complete math curriculum which currently has grades 1st through 5th grade available. 

I received the Worktext and Solutions Manual, and access to online videos. You can order manipulatives as an optional alternative. Math manipulatives are things like rectangular colored fraction tiles, Education Deluxe Fraction Circle, play money, ribbon roll, centimeter cubes, place value disc, ruler, and a unit ruler. There is a unit ruler you can cut out and laminate in the appendix.

Several levels to choose from and you can click on the placement tab located at the bottom of the books

 There is a placement test and sample pages to determine your grade level to start with.

 The videos are optional and can be used if needed. This math curriculum is aligned with the Common Core standards.

 This is a concise no fluff math curriculum. The pages aren’t filled with colorful illustrations just math illustrations to work through the math problems. The concepts are taught in a way that doesn’t have a lot of extra busyness and gets straight to the point. Each lesson will focus on one concept. There is a built in review to go over previous learned concepts from the last lesson called “Daily Pre-Lessons” first. Then it is followed by your daily lesson.

 Worktext- has 126 daily pre-lessons. These are basically review lesson of already learned concepts. There are a total of 126 lessons and 10 tests for your full year math curriculum.  The curriculum covers fractions, mixed numbers, addition and subtractions using fractions, comparisons long division, rounding of numbers, factors, prime numbers, decimals addition and subtractions of decimals, multiplication, division, word problems, time calculations, area, perimeter, and other math concepts. Your first 10 or so lessons are a review from the previous 1-3 math books.  

In the appendix there is a grade sheet to record you test scores throughout the year.

 I like that the pages don’t have a lot of unnecessary graphics. They also have grayed lines for the problems to keep your numbers in order. There is not teaching or samples of problems in the worktext. There a few gray boxes that have minimum “helps”. This is a straight forward curriculum without out all the whistles and bells.

 This is a pretty hefty worktext book. I would have loved to have seen perforated pages so you don’t have to fight with keeping the pages open. It makes math seem less intimating when you plop down a huge math book. At least that is how my kiddos see it!

Solutions Manual - is just an answer key of each page within the Worktext. 

The Solutions Manual shows the complete page from the Worktext. Nothing fancy just an answer key.

Videos- The videos are accessed through your account from the webpage. 

Once you have created an account you need to know which edition you have as they have a 1st edition and I have the 2nd edition.  You choose which book level you doing. 

For the 4th grade level the videos lessons are in groups like lesson 1-10, lesson 11-20, and so on. The group video varies in time and get a bit longer as the lessons expand. The instructor goes over each concept in steps showing usually a problem or two. The instructor teaches you while working on the worksheets. If you want to break up the videos you will have to write down a time stamp for the videos to continue the next day. I don’t know if it varies in the other grades.

How did I use ThemeVille Math in my Homeschool?

I am using this with my special needs daughter who is 17. Currently we are finishing up our summer schedule. During the summer we do 3 days a week of school. When the school year starts math is 5 days a week for my family.

My daughter didn't mind the videos and thought they helped her a lot

Since the first several lessons were more of a review I had my daughter work them slowly since this was a completely new math curriculum for us. It gave me an overview of how my daughter did. I didn’t have her take the placement test as I could tell from looking at the sample pages where to start with her. She watched the videos in full and if needed to accomplish a lesson we would re-watch a certain area again.

Below you will see two completed pages from my daughter. There is a lot of writing space which is a plus since my daughter writes large. We both liked the lines.

I asked my daughter what she thought of ThemeVille Math? She said, “Mom it’s math!” I like that it has lines keep my numbers straight and it was easy and somewhat challenging.” My daughter didn’t complain about math and that is always a good sign especially in summer.

 My daughter liked that the pages didn’t have unnecessary illustrations as they distract her. The videos we didn’t care for the grouping lay out. We would have preferred each lesson on a separate video. The instructor was very easy to follow. We liked him doing a problem from the worktext but wouldn’t have minded if he did other examples on a whiteboard to expound on some concepts more. Like I mentioned earlier I would prefer perforated pages rather than fighting trying to get a page out without ripping it out wrong. Maybe you don’t have that problem.

Since I usually get asked about Common Core in curriculum I’ll answer it now. I typically don’t do math programs with Common Core however I have reviewed and yes even done some math programs that use Common Core concepts that I have liked. I noticed a few things but this was very doable and easily worked around. I think it is because the curriculum doesn’t have teaching within the pages. Math is math and if you know how to work the problems it won’t affect you much. That comes up with another thing. If you want your more instruction on teaching math then this may not be a math program for you. I think the videos do a great job explaining the concepts but I can imagine some folks might need more instructions. If you are proficient in math then this would be great for you. If ThemeVille Math goes beyond elementary math then more teaching and material in my opinion is needed.

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Overall this is a straight forward and to the point math program. Other members of the Homeschool Review Crew are using different levels from ThemeVille Math so click here or on the graphic below to read more. 


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