25 August 2020

Homeschool Easy Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Are you just beginning your homeschool journey or maybe have a few years under your belt? I have a resource that might be just what you are looking for in a homeschool curriculum. The last few weeks I have been using 5th Grade Entire School Year Curriculum from Homeschool Easy.

Homeschool Easy is an all in one curriculum that has 1st to 5th grades to choose from. The 1st through 5th grade is a full curriculum which includes all the vital subjects to teach. When you purchase a complete curriculum it includes: reading, spelling, grammar, math, history, science, and writing. You can also buy individual subjects too. The cost for the full curriculum is amazing at $100.00. Individual subjects vary but are extremely reasonable starting at $20.00 and under.

This is a 32 week curriculum that is not based off the common core state standards but off a traditional American educational system way before common core became a standard.

 Homeschool Easy is a completely downloadable curriculum with the files being saved to your computer. You will need internet and a printer for this. There are links to videos and readings resources. You will also need to buy, borrow books from your library, or get the books free online with an online resource. The information is provided where you can find the free books but keep in mind you will need to register a free account.

You will need to print off the worksheets each week.

You will receive a Grade Overview giving you some basics on each component of the curriculum. There isn’t a teacher manual but there is information on how to use Homeschool Easy. Answer keys are also provided for all the subjects.

 Reading- for the 5th grade reading includes: Charlotte’s Web, Holes, Hatchet, Phantom Tollbooth, Island of the Blue Dolphin, Where the Red Fern Grows, Number the Stars, and Wrinkle in Time. Depending on your student they can do this independently or with the parent. Each book has comprehensive questions that are broken down by days and has information on chapter you should read. The answer keys are located in the at the end of the worksheets.  The books also have vocabulary words that you will write both the definition and use the word in a sentence each week. Other books may have you write out a summary, write about the end of the story, did you enjoy the book? Why, or why not?”, and a few other elements to enhance the literature books. Each chapter only has a few questions.

Spelling- there are weekly spelling list. The students will learn both spelling and the definition of the word. 

Each week you make your own spelling flashcards and add the definition inside 

You have a set of foldable flashcards that will need to be cut out. You can enter the spelling word definition inside the flap. There are crosswords and word searches activities too. There are fill in the blank worksheets using the weekly spelling words. Example of words: permissible, flammable, unique, arbor, afraid, astrophysics, and obnoxious.

Grammar- has worksheets that are done each day. Some instructions are provided for each day’s lesson. Within your grammar answer key you have links to videos that will go over the lessons for the week. The videos are on YouTube and on varying sites. After you have watched the videos you can do the worksheets. The worksheets vary with activities from writing a sentence with the parts of speech you are learning, writing a paragraph, and so on. Topics taught adverbs, linking verbs, homophones, colons and contractions, and more.

Writing-the writing course focus on several different types of assignments like biography, autobiography, future goals, book report, science paper, and creative writing. The intent is one writing assignment a month.

 The writing process on each one is clearly explained. I have used a lot of writing curriculums throughout my 14 years of homeschooling. I like how it breaks down each paragraph by week. There are graphic organizers within the worksheets. Videos are also provided. The steps are laid out in a way that it doesn’t feel overwhelming for the student.

 Math-each week a different concept of math is taught. There are flashcards and manipulatives that you can print out if needed. Each week there is some basic information provided on the worksheet. There are videos for each week provided in the math answer key or the parent can teach the concepts. The math covers everything from reviewing addition and subtraction, fractions, percentages, measurements, multiplication, division, and other concepts.

History and science you will need access to Britannica Kids. A user name and password are emailed to you when you purchase these subjects. Just like the other subjects videos are provided in the answer key for each topic.

History- History is American History. There are daily worksheets to complete. The worksheets correspond with the videos and the online encyclopedia. There are several projects like making a poster of an explorer is just one example.

History starts with the Native American Indians covering several areas. It talks about Leaf Eriksson, Columbus, Jamestown, Thirteen Colonies, American Revolution, Constitution, the Amendments and other Articles, Civil War, Slavery, Railroad, Immigration, War World I, War World II, Roaring 20's, and ends with Bill Clinton. Several other topics are covered in American history.

Science- Each month a new topic is covered. It starts with matter, changes in matter, force and motion, structure of living things, plant structures and functions, human body systems, and Earths weather.

There are experiments and projects like making homemade ice cream, chemical reactions, force and motions, catapults, and several other experiments and projects to enhance science.

How did I use Homeschool Easy in my Homeschool?

 I have been using 5th Grade Entire School Year Curriculum with my 17 year old daughter. My daughter has special needs and significant learning challenges.

Downloading the files to my computer was super easy

When I first received my email I was directed to a share file to download. Each subject was in a separate file. I quickly downloaded the files which are PDF files. I also had my information to access Britannica Kids which I went online to explore first.

I went over the Overview and the material. I printed out a week’s lesson for her. We didn’t do every subject daily so not to overwhelm her.

A list of the weekly spelling words

The spelling words are used in sentences

My daughter enjoyed the crosswords. They were challenging with the difficult words

I knew that spelling is a subject she can’t grasp. We used it more as vocabulary and went over the words each week with me reading it out loud. I had her do the word searches only. She doesn’t comprehend crosswords at all. At the end of the week I quizzed her orally on meaning of the words.

For reading I had her pick out one book. We have read all the books in the last few years and I decided to let her choose one. She picked Charlotte’s Web. I already owned the physical copy of the book. The book is above her reading level so I did this as a read out loud to her. I worked with her on the worksheets. We did a mixture of oral and writing. With her arthritis I had her write out a few questions on each page. I didn’t do the paragraphs with her only the sentences.

My daughter liked the grammar videos and grasped the topics quickly

Grammar I worked with her with a mixture of oral and writing assignments. She enjoyed the selections of videos in grammar. You can see a few completed pages above.

For math we worked on topics that she needed some review in

Math we decided to jump around on topics since her skill level is all over with level and topics. She did math 3 times a week. We have worked on areas that I felt she needed more assistance with. We did fractions, measurements, double digit multiplications, and a few other areas. We did math daily but in smaller portions. A week worth of lessons would be almost 2 weeks.

History I did every other week 3 times a day. The week we didn’t do history she did science. My daughter loved the history especially since she is a bit obsessed with American history lately. For both subjects we did a mixture of oral questions and writing. She enjoyed the videos. I had to assist her with using Britannica Kids. We didn't do any of the experiments or projects at this time.

Sample page of writing broken down by paragraphs

I really like the layout of this

The only subject I didn’t have her use was writing. I felt it would be overwhelming for at this time. I did look over it. I really liked the layout and approach of the writing.

I love the flexibility of the curriculum. Having a child with special needs I have to adapt everything in some way and some curriculum more than others. Homeschool Easy was me just breaking up daily and weekly lessons in smaller parts and doing a mixture of oral and physical work. This would have been better for me if I bought subjects separately and I’m glad that option is available. She enjoyed this and didn’t complain or whine. That is always a good sign. I love the cost of the curriculum. I’m not a huge fan printing out curriculum but with the cost of buying a full year I think printing is very doable.

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