28 September 2020

My Teaching Library Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

My Teaching Library is a great resource for homeschoolers. With their Download Club you have a rich resource for grades PreK-12 grade in all subjects. It has so many educational resources for your homeschool. I received an Annual Subscription.

Currently you can purchase individual products or purchase an annual or lifetime membership. With your membership you have full access to all the resources available.

My Teaching Library has full curriculum such as algebra, spelling, vocabulary, literature guides, and such much more. You can also use this as a supplement to enhance your curriculum, seasonal items for the holidays, classroom helps, and more. There are options for secular and religious resources for your homeschool.

My Teaching Library is created by Lynda Ackert, who was a former public teacher and now a homeschool mom. Just a quick not this site was formerly called CHSH-Teach and the content is the same and more resources are added continually.

Once you are signed in you can click on the tabs by grades or subject. You can click the Educational Resource tab on the top left side of your screen to get to the area you want. Or you can scroll down on the screen to find the same content.

After you decide what you want you will add it into your cart. You will access your selection from your download page or you can wait until you get an email to download it at a later time. It will stay on your download page even after you print it. It will come up as a PDF file that you can save the file or print it out immediately.

There are full curriculums for high school subjects for American History, English, vocabulary, spelling, algebra, geometry, and several science courses. The resources include both student and teacher guides. 

You will find lots of surprises to assist you in your homeschool for all ages. I was delighted to
find a SAT Math download here.

Table of Content for the Math Prepare for SAT 

There are resources for SAT Math, full literature books, several types of analysis worksheets to assist you in several areas.

Just like high school both elementary and middle school curriculums are available. You can do topics to enhance your curriculum, mini studies, or topics that interest your family.  Some areas are insects, gold rush, fire safety, all the major holidays, seasonal content, monthly themes, science, geography and much more.

Other areas that might interest you are games and puzzles from crosswords and word searches, bingo, mazes, file folder game, and many other fun components to add into your school.

Need help planning out your high school the next 4 years? My Teaching Library has you covered

Conventions overwhelming? Plan it out with a handy sheet.

Classroom management resources for both the student and teachers are also part of your subscription. You have posters in several subjects, math glossaries, desktop name plates, several mini-book templates, coin templates, lined paper, awards and certificates, record keepers and planners, and a lot more to dig into. I’m just mentioning a few things. There is a lot with your subscription.

How did I use My Teaching Library in my Homeschool?

Once I activated my account I immediately started searching for activities for my high school senior with significant special needs. She thrives on hands on activities that I can use to enhance her current curriculum. 

My daughter enjoyed adding a hands on element to her Gold Rush book and finding her precious rocks to brighten up the pages even more.

This year she is doing American History and I found a coloring book that also reads like a book on the California Gold Rush. I printed it off and used my comb binder so she could have it in a nice book format. I had her reading a page or two a day along with her literature book she is reading. Afterwards she would color the pages.

Learning about rocks was a huge hit for my daughter. She worked on it for a long time investigating her rock collections.

My daughter is also crazy about rocks and I knew that Rock Chart and Rock Identification Booklet would be a winner for her. She loved pulling out her rock collection and matching it up to the chart and reading about identifying rocks. She keeps both of these in her bedroom with her huge rock collection.

She found her elements with her Periodic Table of the Elements in a handy chart.

This year she is doing chemistry and labs. I printed off the complete Periodical Table of Elements along with the blank worksheets to use with her. Each time we encounter an element on the periodical table I have her fill out the blank one after she does her experiment. She uses the other one while she is doing her experiment and locates the element on the table.

Insects are always a huge BUZZ in our home. The bottom insect boxes is her current collection of 450 insects from Kansas.

She was taken back from some of the information in this 1923 book on insects but, she enjoyed the challenge of looking for the fallacy within the pages.

She also did several activities with insect like Elementary Study of Insects book. My daughter is really advanced in entomology and she picked this book clean with information that was written in 1923 and disputed several areas in the book. So it was neat seeing her defend her knowledge and pull out her current college bound books to prove the book wrong in several areas. Talk about a critical thinking activity I didn’t expect. She had fun with it and enjoyed it despite her dilemma wanting to argue points. 

Butterflies don't go by in our home. She enjoyed coloring the Life Cycle of Butterfly

She wanted to color and look at the butterfly life cycle too. Even with her knowing this information she still wanted to explore it again.

I have several other activities planned for her this year using My Teaching Library.

This looks like a great high school course to assign for my son in a few weeks
My 9th grade son I plan on using the vocabulary, spelling, and the Study Skills Handbook with him after he adjusts to his first year in high school. I also am eyeing a few other resources for him.

One thing I have found throughout my years of homeschooling is that it is essential to have supplements and a back up in your homeschool. I honestly do not have to time to search for hours on the internet any more to do this. I love that everything is in one place and I have a lot of choices in every subject in all grades.

One pet peeve that I had was that I put a lot of things in my cart and I noticed that some items are in more than one category. When I go to my download page in my account I see several of the same things in my download area. I wish somehow the system would flag you if you have already downloaded the content before. Or I could delete from my download page my duplicates or after I download something. It’s not the vendor’s fault that I have a short lived memory and can’t recall that I added something in my cart several times but it would be a nice option. That is just a suggestion and my own pet peeve but it sure would be nice.

I am extremely impressed with My Teaching Library and have several things that I have claimed waiting for me to download and print out. A lot of content has been added since I used this several years ago. I recommend the Download Club from My Teaching Library for any teacher both homeschool and public school teachers. It’s well worth it.

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