06 July 2021

Home School in the Woods -Timeline Set: America's History (Explorers to 21st Century) Review


I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

Home School in the Woods is the first thing that comes to my mind when a timeline is needed for history. They have a plethora of history timelines and hands-on history activities to help you teach history in your homeschool. If you need a timeline I recommend you look at the Individual Timeline Set (Grades K-12)

My daughter has been a bit obsessive with American history the last few years and I was thrilled to use Timeline Set: America's History (Explorers to 21st Century) with her. With her autism, I knew she would dig into this timeline and create something special for herself for her senior year.

You can purchase Individual Timeline Set (Grades K-12) and they are for all grade levels from K-12th grade. All of the Timeline Sets below come as a downloadable PDF. 

Timeline Set: Creation to Christ  (Beginning - 100 AD)

Timeline Set: Resurrection to Revolution (0 -1799 AD)

Timeline Set: Napoleon to Now (1750 AD - Modern Day)

Timeline Set: America's History (Explorers to 21st Century)

If you’d rather have the whole timeline set you can also get a collection of all the timelines too.

Timeline Set: America's History (Explorers to 21st Century)

The set came in my email, I extracting the files and had 5 folders. You can print off the timeline figures as many times as needed for your family. You can print on card-stock, printer paper, or a peel and stick paper.

The first folder is the Introduction and Index file. In it you will find ideas on using and displaying your timeline. This file will go over ideas for coloring, notebook, or accordion timelines.

It also has a 2 page index for all the timeline figures included in your set.

Here you can see the two sizes available. The Notebook
size is on the left and the Wall size the right

Here are the timeline figures with the text and without the text. Both of them include the name and the date of the event

The other files are your timeline figures which include a wall and a notebook size. The wall (2.5” X 4”)or notebook (1.5” x 2.75”)  in size. You can also choose to have a text. The text will give you a brief synopsis of the figure’s history. Both of them have the Name of the person/event and the dates. All the timeline files each have 40 pages. The illustrations are fantastic. They are black and white drawings of a person or an event. Amy Pak is an amazing artist and you will love exploring all the details in each one. My daughter prefers the larger wall set with the text in the timeline. She likes to read the information. + The wall size is easier for her to color. You can have your child add their own information into their timeline if you don’t use the text. The possibilities are unlimited to your imagination.

My original plan was to put together a timeline from her American history curriculum last year. My daughter had her own plans. She didn’t want to choose figures/events and leave out so many after we compared it to her curriculum last year. She wanted to use the Timeline Set: America's History (Explorers to 21st Century) to create her own American history timeline book that she can refer back to and have access to each and every one.

I used white printer paper and put them in a three ring binder. She made herself a notebook and decorated the cover. On the back of the notebook, she added the cover of the set so she knows which timeline she has in her notebook.

She is coloring the timeline figures slowly and working on her book several times in the week.  She enjoys reading each one with some help from me. She will probably remember each one and will be able to recall the information. We also have her refer to her timeline when she is reading a book that relates to American History. It’s fun watching her refer to her timeline book when she hears something from a movie or on TV. She runs to get her book to look up the information.

We have used the timeline figures in the past as a biography/event page and adding information to the page about the topic. My son likes doing this to his book report. It's more like a notebook page but, that is how we have used them often. We have also made several accordion timelines over the years too. I’ve never had the wall space to do a timeline on my wall. We like to do the accordion style timeline and put it in a binder.  

I have used several products from Home School in the Woods in the past. What we have always enjoyed about Home School in the Woods is that they make history interactive with hands-on history learning. They have a wide variety of products available.

Project Passport World History Studies (Grades 3-8), Time Travelers U.S. History Studies (Grades 3- 8 ) and, Maps Combo-Pak (US & World Maps). This is just a few of the products you can use in your homeschool.

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