07 July 2021

Learn Math with CTCMath-A Review

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

CTCMath has been used regularly in my homeschool since 2014. CTCMath has made learning math enjoyable and a no tear/stress subject! I was delighted to have another 12-month subscription.
CTCMath is an online math program with unlimited access to all the online lessons and all grade levels from K-12. If you need more advanced math concepts you have topics from calculus to trigonometry with your membership. CTCMath is a mastery approach program.
It is made to fit your homeschool style or even an afterschool math program. This is a full curriculum or supplemental math for K-8. For High school, this is a supplemental math program.
One of the many reasons I love CTCMath is that my kids can easily maneuver around to different grades and topics without me having to go into the parent dashboard to adjust a grade level each time nor am I limited with how many times I can adjust a grade level. They can go at their own speed moving forward or go back to a lesson and repeat as many times as needed. If you want to be more precise in the topics you can do so with the Question Bank which I will talk about it in a bit.
You can use this with your desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone, Chromebooks, and Android devices. Once you have registered an account, you create an account for each child. Each child will have a separate password. You only need one email for your family and not a separate email for each student. The student will have a  dashboard to view their task and assignments that is all their own. I also have a parent dashboard to view my students separately.

Not sure which level to start at? There is a diagnostic test available in every subject to help you determine what level of mastery your student is at. There are three options: short-20 questions, standard- 30 questions, and comprehensive-40 questions.  The diagnostic test lets you see where to start your student. The test will not automatically put you in an area to start.
You can also skip the diagnostic and go by grade level for the K-8 which is broken down by topics and then sub-topics. The high school is set up by topics only.
Pat Murray, an Australian math teacher will be the voice behind the videos that will teach your child the lessons. He presents each lesson in a straightforward step-by-step approach. The topics are broken down into smaller portions and may comprehension easier to understand in the smaller portions.  No fluff as he is direct and gets right to the point. The lessons are animated to some degree but not gamey that shows an illustration of the problems being done. Some of them may show an item or object to make understanding the concept clearer.

On your student dashboard, you click on the grade level and start at the beginning or jump around. Each lesson has a short tutorial video that varies in length that is no more than 10 minutes long. The video shows the math questions that you are being taught. The concepts are taught as a whole with step-by-step instructions. You can replay the videos as many times as needed. After each video, you begin the math questions. You input the answers into the spaces provided either as a number, letter, or multiply choice. Instant feedback is provided if you answer the question incorrectly.  You can have them print out after they are done with the lesson. I like to do this as a hard copy of the completed work for my records.
If you want to choose topics for your student you can use the Question Bank. This will let you pick out how many topics and you can determine the number of questions. This gives you more precise control to work on areas that you see are needed. You can also determine the difficulty for the level. Another feature is that you can have them do the task online or print off the customized lesson in the form of a printable worksheet. If you do this as a printable worksheet you will need to go back in a manually enter the answers to keep track of the grades.
You can set this up: how many topics to have, the number of questions, time limit, difficultly level of questions, you can customize it for your student.
Your Parent Dashboard is straightforward. You can manage all of your students in this dashboard.

You can sign up to receive emails to track weekly work completed or just log in and you can see the information with each lesson completed, scores, how many attempts a lesson, and see the lessons as a whole yourself.
CTCMath is a great resource whether you are using it as a full curriculum or as a supplement. It’s an idea for families who have different age ranges and larger families. Also great for one student.

How Did I Use CTCMath in My Homeschool?

CTCMath has been a huge blessing for my now graduated Senior special needs daughter. My daughter has been  not  able to go beyond a certain point. She has seen a lot of improvements in the grade level she focuses on. Typically she starts in the 3rd grade level and works her way to 5th grade. She will jump around in some of the topics in the 6th and 7th. 

This  year she has been working through the 5th grade level and dabbling in some higher concepts in other grades. In the middle of this review she completed 5th grade. She automatically goes back to the 3rd grade. I like to have her review her skills and keep them fresh. Throughout this she improves her skills that she struggled with and she also is able to keep her skills fresh. This past year CTCMath has been her main curriculum. Next year, even though she graduated I will have still work on math. She likes CTCMath and likes to be able to score higher each time around. 

My son is in Algebra and uses this as a supplement. Recently he was stumped on the Quadratic Formula equation. He was able to jump on to CTCMath and watch the videos and do the lessons. Thank goodness I have a resource to help  him out. This is all over my head  at this point in math. He does a lesson a few times a week and does do a tad of jumping around. He has been dabbling in geometry also.

I don't have anything bad to say about CTCMath it has been a huge benefit to my homeschool. I will continue to use it with my daughter next year a couple times a week. 

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