04 October 2021

The Critical Thinking Co.™ & Understanding Fractions Review


I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

 Learning fractions can be a difficult concept for some elementary students to grasp. Whether you have a student just learning fraction or a remedial learner The Critical Thinking Co.™  and their Understanding Fractions workbook might be just what you need.

Understanding Fractions workbook is for grades 2-4. This is a nice supplemental resource for fractions. I am currently using this with my older special needs daughter who could use a boost in her fractions skills.

Understanding Fractions is a soft-cover workbook with 61 pages. This is an open-and-go curriculum. No teacher's manual is needed as the instructions are integrated into the lessons. An Answer Key is located at the back of the workbook.

There is a cut-out fraction supplement at the back of the book. A free PDF is also available to download and print out. The student can then color the cut-outs using different colors. They recommend you glue it on heavy cardstock. If you have a laminator, that would help to keep them from getting torn or damaged.

The workbook starts out explaining what a fraction is and also explaining concepts like, how much/how many. It explains your numerator, fraction bar explanation, and denominator.

I like that it shows the importance of fractions in our everyday life. Maybe it will help those kids who always want to know, “why do I need to know this”.  It shows things like sharing a cookie, candy, time, and many more concepts where fractions are used.

Other concepts are writing and using fractions, finding your common denominator, and simple adding and subtractions of fractions.

Black and white illustrations throughout giving a visual of the questions. It could be just a fraction circle or an object like a pizza. The questions vary from pulling the answer from a word bank or filling in the blank on the questions. 

Check Yourself questions are riddles and filling in the numbered spaces to answer the questions.

How did I use Understanding Fractions in my Homeschool?

I’m using this with an 18-year-old with some significant learning disabilities. She knew how to do the simple fractions after I did an oral review with the first few pages. I had her start Ordering Fractions after determining this would be a good place for her to start.  She has been steadily working her way forward in the workbook. A few times I have jumped ahead to mix things up for her.

She likes that the pages don’t have too many problems on a page. She did cut out the cut-out fraction but, she hasn’t used them a lot. I think she wants to try to do her fractions without the assistance of the cut-outs. 

The only part she didn't do in the workbook was the Check Yourself exercises. Riddles are not a concept she grasps. She is slowly grasping her fractions. I will continue to work with her using Understanding Fractions this year.

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Want to find out about other products from The Critical Thinking Co.™, click on the graphic below to read about other workbooks. 


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