Monday, August 15, 2011


Changes are coming to our home this week. Saying goodbye to my Princees5 this week. Wow, she is almost 6. She is going off to Kindergarten tomorrow. She has been in my home since she was just a few weeks old. She is 3 months older than Little Man. She has been with me before Little Man even entered this world. I will still have her younger sister in my home who is 2 years old.
It will be sad seeing her go away. Yes, I will still have her when her school is off on certain days and for the summer. It just isn't the same. I have watched her grow up. I have witnessed her growing into the little girl she is today. We have laughed and cried together. She has brought much joy in my life and my kids life. She puts up with Bugs meltdown just as much as Little Man does. She has had to learn a lot of patience in our home when dealing with Bug almost daily.

I had a lot of joy homeschooling her last year and she soaked in all in like a sponge in the prvious years. I had the joy of teaching her the ABC's, adding, counting, phonemes, and even to read some. (not that mom didn't do any of it either) She is smart and catches on to things quickly. She made teaching her easy. Now if my kids could be that easy!

Little Man gets so upset that she learns things faster. She learned her alphabet first, counted to 100 first. Even knew her sounds and read her first words before he did. He would get so jealous of her at times and they would fight! It has got ugly at times. They sometimes have a love hate relationship.
Little Man is going to have a hard time seeing her go. He doesn't see why I can't just keep on teaching her for school. They fight like siblings, and boy have they had some fights. They are like twins  I always say they contrive all kinds of trouble without even talking. You know that silent communication. They are inseparable. I don't know what he will do. He will miss her something terrible.

Everywhere I go people think they are twins. Same hair color, same eye color, and the same age. I stopped explaining to most people that they aren't twins except to those who see us all the time. Not worth trying to explain all the time.
 She will love school and meeting new friends. I am sure she will change into a new person. I am happy to see her go in a bittersweet way. I know how much she enjoys learning and she is going to love being around some girls. Just sad that I won't see her as often.

Little Man has asked me everyday for the last month if this is her last day. This morning when I said, "yes" he cried. He doesn't want to see her go. He loses his best friend. His first friend. She has been by his side to play when Bug has been lost in her own world. They have been on many adventures together.

Today, I canceled therapy and we are throwing her a goodbye party. I didn't want her last day spent at the hospital all day. I pray that she blossoms in her new surrounding. Goodbye, we will miss our day to day adventures. I will even miss the bickering between her and Little Man:0( He will feel her absence the most. Bug will be sad but it will be much harder for him.

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